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2021 roadmap update: OriginTrail Ecosystem Growth Acceleration (OTEGA)

Graphic concept by @mucke121 & @anerium_

The OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph (DKG) is eating the world. And this is now done harnessing the multichain approach made possible by the OriginTrail Node v5 supported by the second chain — the xDai blockchain. Due to its strategic importance, Trace Labs — the core OriginTrail team, along with the members of the Trace Alliance’s Decentralization and Tokenomics Working Group prioritized this first tangible step towards the vastly more capable multichain OriginTrail, which prompted the desired outcome ahead of plan. (According to the previous roadmap, the multichain OriginTrail Decentralized Network (ODN) v5 mainnet launch was anticipated in the second quarter of this year.)

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The multichain OriginTrail, along with the upcoming Knowledge Economy tools, already shows several positive effects on TRAC’s tokenomics. With the completion of the staking phase that garnered incredible support (1600+ participants, 100MM TRAC staked), we have witnessed a significant amount of the total TRAC emission (20% of total supply and over 25% of circulating supply) locked to be utilized for adoption until the Starfleet bridge is made functional. Such utility-focused commitment from the OriginTrail community is an impressive testament to the network’s expected value and its tokenomics.

Having strongly validated the multichain approach starting with the ODN v5 integration on xDai, and the value proposition of the world’s first Decentralized Knowledge Graph, it is now time to update the 2021 roadmap to reflect increased ambitions to grow the OriginTrail ecosystem.

Starfleet initiating the OriginTrail Knowledge Economy

With the extension of the ODN consensus layer with the xDai blockchain in Q1, the ODN mainnet network achieved full system completeness in the operational environment. In parallel, the OriginTrail core developers have been working closely with the Parity Technologies team on Starfleet blockchain development to launch the first Starfleet testnet as soon as possible. By collaboratively designing the important system components and processes for Starfleet (such as runtime upgrade mechanisms and validator on-chain governance) as well as successfully updating the codebase to the latest Substrate version 3, the two teams have expressed high confidence in the implementation to move to a public launch.

The final preparations are in progress, and the first-ever Starfleet blockchain test network is about to go live in less than two weeks, immediately after which it will be integrated with the Warp ODN testnet. From that moment, Warp (which is the OriginTrail canary testnet) will host a DKG implementation integrated with three distinct blockchains. The great advancement of Starfleet development and bringing ODN closer to the Polkadot ecosystem will be showcased at Polkadot’s largest ecosystem event — DECODED in May. The OriginTrail founders will present the OriginTrail DKG capabilities at the event after being selected to speak by the Polkadot community. Make sure to register for this event in May as there will be a very interesting showcase on display.

The Starfleet blockchain will lay the foundation for the OriginTrail Knowledge Tools, which will, together with the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph, synergize to initiate a Knowledge economy based on Web3 and Semantic Web principles. The OriginTrail core developers’ activities are therefore oriented twofold — building the knowledge economy infrastructure and tools, and ecosystem growth acceleration to proliferate the use of the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph among developers and system integrators, building a wide range of solutions that are focused on interoperability, integrity, and interconnectivity.

As the focus of building in Q2 turns to finalize the release of Starfleet, the core developers will also introduce two new important frameworks, outlining how to leverage the Decentralized Knowledge Graph to query semantic information from blockchains, as well as how to utilize NFTs with the decentralized knowledge graph. Both very interesting topics, perfectly suited for the OriginTrail DKG to address. The former will allow any developer to query the usually hard-to-use blockchain data in a semantic, connected, and trusted way on the OriginTrail DKG. The latter will enable an extension of the capabilities of the NFTs from being “just tokens” to becoming Knowledge Tokens — assets immutably connected with structured, linked, and trusted knowledge on the OriginTrail DKG. By enabling that, much more resilient solutions for NFTs will be enabled, significantly surpassing the current state of the art. Previously planned documents (RFCs) will detail the workings of the knowledge economy and direct the development of the ecosystem for the time to come. Q2 will also see the release of the technical whitepaper — a foundational document of the OriginTrail Knowledge-Economy Phase.

The third quarter will bring the deployment of the remaining knowledge tools pioneered on Starfleet blockchain, as well as related libraries and associated content to enable quick onboarding of users to the new knowledge ecosystem. Development efforts will be steered towards sequential integration with Polkadot testnets (Chachacha/Rococo), supported by the Trace Alliance Working Group research on strategies and procedures to join with Kusama/Polkadot ecosystems.

At this point, the OriginTrail DKG will be fully compliant with semantic web standards such as RDF and SPARQL. This will enable the OriginTrail DKG to become a unique “knowledge graph of knowledge graphs’’- a fully interoperable, “plug-and-play” compatible with emerging knowledge graph solutions on the market. This allows OriginTrail DKG to tap into an enormous corpus of currently growing knowledge graphs globally that will be able to leverage the OriginTrail DKG to get easy access to even more of the valuable structured, linked, and trusted knowledge outside their respective ecosystems. Several node extensions are also scheduled to land in the ODN, including the automatic price adjustment plugin (AAP), which has been in testing for some time.

In Q4, the Starfleet bridge launch window kicks in, which will be the last stage of Starfleet implementation, allowing all Starfleet Pioneers to freely move their assets between Starfleet and Ethereum blockchains. The last quarter of the year also marks the Polkadot integration period — connecting the Polkadot universe to the OriginTrail DKG capabilities. To further fuel the Knowledge Economy revolution, additional updates to knowledge tools are expected as well as improvements to the inner workings of the decentralized knowledge graph.

Growing demand for the ODN

Users from all over the partnership ecosystem now benefit from more reliable, versatile, and immensely more efficient trusted data exchange. The year 2020 saw an increased interest in using OriginTrail in enterprise and government sectors, with leading global organizations (Polkadot, British Standards Institution, GS1, Oracle, the EU-supported Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative, and over a hundred other partner organizations) joining the group of innovators improving supply chain sustainability through trusted knowledge exchange. Now, the value based on data integrity, interconnectivity, and interoperability is available at scale. And we are only getting started.

The constant increase in demand for the services enabled by the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph has prompted us to launch the project codenamed OTEGA (OriginTrail Ecosystem Growth Acceleration) initially presented within the Starfleet Taskforce of the Trace Alliance Working Group on Decentralization and Tokenomics. As the core OriginTrail team at Trace Labs grows increasingly overwhelmed by the queries from numerous markets (in various supply chains globally, self-sovereign identity (SSI) sector, blockchain forensics, other blockchain ecosystems …), it became increasingly apparent that there is a need to catalyze the entry of multiple additional stakeholders that would be able to address these growing needs.

To answer that, project OTEGA brings tools, frameworks, and programs for developers and system integrators to utilize OriginTrail with legacy systems, blockchains, and applications. This will enable them to take advantage of the power of the Decentralized Knowledge Graph technology with a high degree of independence. Furthermore, the aim is to enable additional EVM compatible blockchain ecosystems (e.g., Moonbeam, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon/Matic, NEAR …) to attach to the OriginTrail DKG easily and independently by following the OriginTrail consensus layer extension framework. With this, OriginTrail’s unique value proposition gets to be expanded into other ecosystems, with a concurrent exposure of the TRAC token to additional market opportunities (e.g., decentralized exchanges).

The Trace Alliance Evangelist Program and the Working Group on Semantic Web are the two new initiatives designed to proliferate the tools, frameworks, and programs described in the roadmap, already bringing together a plethora of new institutions, companies, and individuals interested in advancing these topics.

With the government-supported projects well in the development phases, additional strategic projects are included in the roadmap, signifying the expansion of OriginTrail in the healthcare industry — the sector we deem incredibly important amidst the largest global healthcare crisis in history. Receiving strategic support from the World Economic Forum, we expect the expansion in the healthcare sector will attract another global organization operating in dozens of countries to apply OriginTrail already in this quarter.

Moreover, due to its unparalleled adoption in the mainstream sectors, the permissionless OriginTrail network and the TRAC token are gaining traction among institutional supporters. Crucial to increase awareness about the project, that niche of supporters bears incredible importance both in exposing TRAC token to additional markets (e.g., Alpha Sigma Capital), as well as make it possible for other ecosystems to access and integrate OriginTrail, thus creating compounding effects of combining several high potential technologies (e.g., Global ID).

The 2021 Roadmap Update

As the last of the infrastructural barriers for accelerated adoption are getting removed, project OTEGA is bringing all the required elements to take full advantage of the new capabilities that multichain OriginTrail and Knowledge Economy Tools are bringing. The demand for putting them to practice is knocking (better yet, pounding) on the doors, and every day OriginTrail ecosystem is growing stronger in being able to address it. We expect that this noticeably expanded roadmap will allow for the acceleration of growth of the OriginTrail Ecosystem. This is being achieved through important technological enhancements and by combining the traditional approach (enterprise focus) towards growth and long-term collaboration with the most reputable builders.

The OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph is eating the world. Join the paradigm-shifting knowledge economy now!

#Trace On

Q1 — Multichain OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph

🔹 Starfleet Boarding activities

  • Registration phase via boarding.origintrail.io
  • Preparation, smart contract audits, bug bounty
  • Staking phase (up to 100MM TRAC)

🔹 Dual-chain ODN v5 mainnet launch

  • DC nodes publishing data holding jobs on xDai blockchain-enabled
  • DH nodes bidding for published offers on xDai blockchain
  • xDai Bounty program
  • Updated Explorer (with the xDai chain)
  • Updated Node profile management interface
  • OT Hub update supporting ODN v5

🔹 World Economic Forum’s recognition of Trusted Repository for COVID-19 Essential Supplies

🔹 Starfleet blockchain development

  • Warp ODN v5 multi chain testnet
  • Technical review through Substrate Builders Program
  • nOS liquidity provisioning integration update for Starfleet

🔹 Custodianship services support introduced to enable institutional access to TRAC token

🔹 Data to knowledge services based on GS1 EPCIS and W3C Verifiable Credentials standards and the OriginTrail decentralized knowledge graph introduced at GS1 Global Forum — link

🔹 Decentralized EPCIS repository extension for the Rail industry

🔹 OT node enterprise readiness by enabling cluster setup for high availability

🔹 OriginTrail 101 course at the Ivan on Tech Academy launched in collaboration with Amos Thomas

🔹 Trace Alliance Working Group on Supply Chain & Interoperability established

🔹 OpenPKG for protecting personally identifiable information

  • Public beta release
  • Global identity provider partnership

TGS target: 10,000,000

Q2 — Starfleet

OriginTrail Multichain Knowledge Economy development

Advanced frameworks, tools, services, and workflows leveraging Web3 technologies built on the OriginTrail technology stack to enable trusted knowledge sharing. The blockchain agnostic implementation of OriginTrail to be extended with Starfleet blockchain.

🔹 Launch Starfleet Mainnet

  • Starfleet blockchain testnet launch
  • Starfleet block explorer launch
  • Starfleet API access (RPC) service v1 launch
  • Starfleet blockchain mainnet launch
  • First batch of Starfleet Chain Validators activated (TBA)

🔹 Trace Alliance Decentralization and Tokenomics Working Group, Polkadot Initiative publication: Polkadot Integration RFC

🔹 Technical Whitepaper 2.0

  • OriginTrail Knowledge-Economy Phase introduction
  • Future development fund governance established (roadmap confirmation mechanics defined)

🔹 Trace Alliance Working Group on Knowledge Economy Ecosystem established

🔹 First Knowledge Token framework — NFT interoperability standard on connecting knowledge in DKG with ERC721 tokens

🔹 Knowledge Economy Ecosystem WG RFCs for public review:

  • Knowledge tools
  • Liquidity services
  • Gateway services
  • Data-to-knowledge services
  • Starfleet — Ethereum bridge

OriginTrail Ecosystem Growth Acceleration (Project OTEGA)

Tools, frameworks, and programs for developers and system integrators to utilize OriginTrail with legacy systems, blockchains, and applications to take advantage of the power of Decentralized Knowledge Graph technology. Enabling additional blockchain ecosystem expansion easily through the consensus layer extension framework.

🔹 Multichain OriginTrail consensus layer extension framework — a generalized process of integration of additional EVM compatible blockchains (e.g., NEAR, Polygon/MATIC, Moonbeam, BSC …) to attach to OT DKG independently

🔹 Decentralized Knowledge Graph integration framework for SSI agents

  • Showcase integration with GlobalID — OpenPKG update

🔹 Semantic blockchain data querying framework, enabling standardized APIs based on the DKG (Ethereum, Polkadot, Filecoin, etc.)

🔹 Decentralized Knowledge Graph integration framework & tutorials for enterprise systems

🔹 Trusted BYTES Innovate UK project kick-off

🔹 OriginTrail deployment in the Life sciences & Healthcare industry

🔹 Next Generation Internet update; Data marketplaces deployed in US & EU

🔹 Further support for institutional custody options for TRAC token

🔹 Trace Alliance Working Group on Supply Chain Data Interoperability & Semantic Web

  • First membership group announced
  • Current solutions and technology landscape report

🔹 OriginTrail Evangelist program launch

TGS target: 30.000.000

Q3 — Knowledge Economy Tools take-off and developer evangelism

OriginTrail Multichain Knowledge Economy development

Advanced frameworks, tools, services, and workflows leveraging Web3 technologies built on the OriginTrail technology stack to enable trusted knowledge sharing. First knowledge tools released on the OriginTrail mainnet, pioneered on the Starfleet blockchain.

🔹 Knowledge Tools v1 release

  • Knowledge Tokens (kTokens)
  • Knowledge Wallet (kWallet)
  • Knowledge Marketplace
  • Knowledge Tenders
  • Data-to-knowledge services
  • DKG Liquidity services

🔹 Trace Alliance Polkadot Initiative publication; Polkadot integration progress report (Chachacha/Rococo test integration, Kusama/Polkadot parachain auction approach strategy).

OriginTrail Ecosystem Growth Acceleration (Project OTEGA)

Tools and frameworks for legacy systems, blockchains, and applications to take advantage of the power of the Decentralized Knowledge Graph. Growth potential expanded by introducing W3C Semantic Web standards to the DKG..

🔹 Extending DKG to “The knowledge graph of knowledge graphs” — fully compliant with latest standards (RDF, OWL, SPARQL) for seamless integration with existing knowledge graph implementations (e.g.,, Ontotext GraphDB, Stardog, Amazon Neptune, etc..)

🔹 SDK libraries covering all key OriginTrail DKG functionalities

🔹 Knowledge tools made available in the Oracle Marketplace

🔹 Trace Alliance Working Group on Supply Chain Data Interoperability & Semantic Web

  • Publication of Interoperability Framework and best practices

🔹 Decentralized EPCIS repository extension

  • EPCIS Query interface implementation
  • EPCIS 2.0 support

🔹 ODN data holding market price optimization

  • Automatic price-adjustment-machine-learning plugin (AAP) v1 release

Q4 — Polkadot, Starfleet Bridge, and more Knowledge Tools

OriginTrail Multichain Knowledge Economy development

Advanced frameworks, tools, services, and workflows leveraging Web3 technologies built on the OriginTrail technology stack to enable trusted knowledge sharing.

🔹 Starfleet Bridge launch window

  • Bridge preparation and security review
  • Bridge implementation and deployment
  • Polkadot interoperability framework
  • Polkadot integration — implementation stage according to Trace Alliance Initiative roadmap

🔹 Knowledge Tools updates

  • Knowledge Tools releases
  • Data-to-knowledge services
  • Liquidity services

OriginTrail Ecosystem Growth Acceleration (Project OTEGA)

Tools and frameworks for legacy systems, blockchains, and applications to take advantage of the power of the Decentralized Knowledge Graph.

🔹 Decentralized Knowledge Graph improvements

  • Subgraph permissioning v2 (Additional permissioning feature enhancements)
  • Replication protocol update
  • Houston update
  • SDK library updates

🔹 OriginTrail Next Generation Internet Framework released for easier integration with NGI projects

TGS target: 100.000.000

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