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Dan Purtell, Group Director of Innovation at BSI joins OriginTrail’s core team advisory board

Following the announcements that Internet pioneer Bob Metcalfe, Greg Kidd, an early investor in Twitter, Coinbase, and Square, and Aaron Bradley, knowledge graph strategist at Electronic Arts (EA) were joining Trace Labs’ advisory board, the core OriginTrail team is now delighted to announce another advisorDan Purtell, Group Director of Innovation at BSI. As BSI’s Director of Innovation, Dan will be advising the Trace Labs’ board of directors on innovation strategies for deploying the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph in diverse industries and sectors such as assurance, pharmaceuticals, and supply chains.

Dan holds an MBA from Arizona State University and BA in Criminal Justice and received his ACE Certification for Strategy and Innovation from MIT. He previously worked as Global Supply Chain Security and Investigations Manager at Intel Corporation and Senior VP of supply chain solutions at BSI (7 years) in Scottsdale, Arizona. He led projects for DHS S&T, US Customs and the U.S. Department of State for predictive modeling of supply chain risk, as well as audit and compliance programs. He holds a patent for cargo risk quantification including terrorism, counterfeiting and unmanifested cargo introduction.

At the cusp of permissionless blockchain technologies and knowledge graphs, the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph (DKG) is making the world’s most important assets discoverable, verifiable and valuable. The DKG is constantly extending OriginTrail’s footprint into an immensely vast enterprise, government, and web3 realms such as metaverse and decentralized finance by providing the framework for discoverability, verifiability and further value extension of assets, physical and digital alike, through linked data technology.

After an official partnership announcement three year ago Trace Labs and BSI released a white paper followed by introductions of several DKG-powered solutions intended for global organizations and governments. Dan’s role as an advisor to the core OriginTrail team serves as a catalyst to drive the value that OriginTrail brings to global supply chains.

Dan Purtell joined Trace Labs founders at the European Blockchain Summit held in October 2021 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The expansion of OriginTrail’s core team’s advisory board with world class leaders, investors, thinkers and inventors will serve as a catalyst for Trace Labs’ growth and development of the essential web3 infrastructure.

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