Growing commitments update

Dear Tracers,

You are one amazing group of people. Our entire team is blown away with the great energy you have been putting towards OriginTrail and the feedback we received. For that, thank you. I wanted to reach out with a short update about the state of things with regards to the whitelisting process as we are nearing presale.

Three things jump out:

(1) commitments for soft cap reached ($5 MM),

(2) adjustments of commitments for actually planned contributions,

(3) KYC will continue non-stop.

1. Commitments for soft cap has been reached ($5MM+)

Pretty straight forward, this one. We have seen amazing support from you over these weeks and, especially so, in the last couple of days. Your commitments for whitelisting have surpassed our soft cap and are now going towards presale hard-cap ($10MM). Learn more.

Important at this point: If you want to take part in presale, apply for whitelist as soon as possible as KYC process takes time and spots are getting limited.

With this rate, we will be oversubscribed well before beginning of presale (15th of January 2018).

3 phases of OriginTrail token sale

2. Make adjustments for actual planned contributions

Some of you have told us that you whitelisted with symbolic amounts as your commitments just to start the KYC process. While this was OK in the beginning, please make sure to adjust commitments to actually planned contributions, especially if you plan to take part in the presale which has 5 ETH minimum.

If your commitment is under 5 ETH, your address will not get whitelisted for presale. Alternatively, it is also appreciated if you lower your contribution in case you don’t intend to fulfil it in entirety. It will allow fellow-Tracers to be a part of the initial presale group. All of you should have received credentials for your dashboard access to make those adjustments.

3. KYC is ongoing until tokensale finishes

Even once the commitments have reached the hard-cap, we will continue with the KYC process for presale and crowdsale. As explained in this blog, the first group of whitelisted addresses will have 24 hours to execute their contributions. After that, all addresses that passed KYC will be added to whitelist and will be able to take part in the tokensale. Please keep in mind KYC process takes a couple of days to get confirmed. Kindly asking for your patience.

Let’s finish this year with a bang and make 2018 the year of the Trace!

Trace on,


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