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International IT company TMA Solutions Announces Partnership with OriginTrail

TMA Solutions became the first global software development partner within the Trace Alliance program. Companies can now engage directly with TMA Solutions to develop applications based on the OriginTrail protocol. With TMA Solutions entering the Trace Alliance, OriginTrail firmly confirms its open-source DNA and modulates services and products which will be its growth engine in the years to come.

TMA Solutions is one of the biggest software development and outsourcing companies in Vietnam, with a solid innovation core. It is a company with 21 years of proud tradition in software development. TMA Solutions was incorporated in 1997 by Bui Ngoc Anh, and now employs 2200 engineers and has clients in 27 countries. The headquarters are in Vietnam and the company also has local offices in the USA, Canada, Australia and Japan. The company offers software development, software testing, services of porting and migration, production support, visual design and IT managed services to its international clients in various industries, including telecom, finance and insurance, e-commerce, retail and distribution, ISV (independent software vendor), healthcare, as well as logistics and transportation. Their clients and partners list includes internationally well-known companies such as Nokia, Toshiba, Alcatel Lucent, Sharp, Brightstar, Ribbon, Mitel, NEC, Hitachi, Avaya and others.

“We are proud to welcome TMA Solutions as the first global software development partner in the Trace Alliance. This partnership brings tangible benefits to businesses already using the OriginTrail protocol and ones considering joining the Trace Alliance. TMA Solutions is already generating valuable know-how of developing applications using the OriginTrail protocol for different industries,” said Tomaž Levak, Co-Founder and CEO of OriginTrail.

“TMA is happy to join Trace Alliance and to be part of the Vietnam Food Integrity Center to apply new technologies, especially the blockchain and the OriginTrail protocol, to build solutions to ensure food traceability and increase the value of Vietnamese agricultural products. We are keen on leveraging our 21 years of experience in developing enterprise software for clients in 27 countries to build end-to-end and innovative solutions for other Trace Alliance members,” said Hong Tran, Vice President of TMA Solutions.

An Innovative Company Within an Emerging Tech Superpower

In 2017, TMA Solutions launched its innovation center (TIC). It is specialized in big data and analytics, AI and machine learning, IoT, cloud technologies, test automation, and mobile and telecom infrastructure technologies. Some of its sample projects are IoT blockchain, BAB monitoring, vehicle detection, visual yellow pages, imaging mass spectrometry, DNA sequencing and smart agriculture (aeroponics, hydroponics, smart sprinklers, etc.). The TMA Innovation Center collaborates with renowned research institutions. Some of its partners are the University of Adelaide in Australia, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, the National Center for Imaging Mass Spectrometry in Gothenburg, Sweden, the University of Oslo, and two Vietnamese universities, Bach Khao University and Tan Tao University.

The UNESCO Science Report states that Vietnam is in the top 10 countries with the most engineering graduates. The country’s ICT sector is experiencing two-digit annual growth rates. Companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Electronic Arts, Boeing, Deutsche Bank, Panasonic, and Sony all invested in establishing a presence in Vietnam to be a part of its technology renaissance. OriginTrail is delighted to have an established partner in this emerging tech superpower, who will help us spread the blockchain, powered by supply chain transparency, not only to Vietnam, but internationally as well. The country is also one of the world’s biggest agricultural exporters, read more about it here.

Scaling Protocol Adoption by Creating Technology Partnerships

In our Q1 report, we released information about how many companies have taken steps to join the Trace Alliance and adopt the protocol. Since the main focus of the company is scalability and wide adoption of the protocol, 28% out of more than 120 interested companies are IT service providers. These companies will be able to deploy different solutions for their existing customers and other third parties.

TMA Solutions is the first of those companies who has undertaken the training, testing, and execution of a use case pilot case. With combined efforts, we can help other companies adopt the OriginTrail protocol and connect their supply chains to the blockchain in a scalable and GS1-standards compliant fashion. Scalability of onboarding companies to adopt the solution is incredibly important, not only to grow OriginTrail’s adoption, but the adoption of blockchain technologies per se. Transport Intelligence’s (Ti) global survey found that 56% of supply chain executives believed that blockchain technology is a game changer. You can discover more highlights from their report in this article.

To celebrate the first technology integrator partnership, OriginTrail will also reveal the first use case that we are implementing with TMA Solutions. If you lead, work for, or know a company interested in adopting OriginTrail, stay tuned for more updates about this partnership and discover more information on Trace Alliance here.


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