Interview With Nebojša Obradović, OriginTrail Senior Software Engineer

Nebojša Obradović is a senior software engineer with a mathematics background. He joined OriginTrail this spring. Prior to that, he worked at TomTom. Nebojša specializes in designing and implementing multi-platform projects and has experience in complex signal and data processing.

Maja Voje, OriginTrail’s CMO, invited Nebojša for an interview in front of the camera!

Watch it here:

Here are some highlights:

  • His motivation is to be one of the pioneers of bringing blockchain technology to the world.
  • OriginTrail is the kind of workplace where you get up in the morning and cannot wait to get to the office — everyone is so eager to deliver!
  • Nebojša didn’t foresee the advent of blockchain technology, but now thinks that when you begin to understand it, it becomes clear that it would be foolish not to be a part of it.

If you would like to learn more about Nebojša, we invite you to connect with him on GitHub or Discord. Hope you enjoyed another Meet the Devs interview! In the previous one, we introduced Janko.

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