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Launching today: Run a v6 OriginTrail node & earn TRAC rewards!

The highly anticipated OriginTrail v6 telemetry bounty program goes live today! Help battle-test the new OriginTrail v6 testnet and win TRAC rewards for running v6 testnet nodes. Go a step further by contributing to Github to win even more!

OriginTrail v6 is the latest version of the Decentralized Knowledge Graph (DKG) designed to bring “Google-like” capabilities to Web3. It introduces new features, such as search and Unique Asset Locators (UALs, a new Web3 type of URL), that enable easy discoverability, verifiability and queriability of any asset across Web3. Apart from new features, the new version 6 further significantly advances the scalability and performance of the OriginTrail DKG. Today marks the beginning of the v6 Telemetry bounty program, designed to incentivise wide network testing by rewarding community contributors with TRAC rewards. Sounds exciting? Read on.

What’s telemetry and why does it matter?

The Telemetry hub is the ultimate dashboard for OriginTrail developers to monitor the growth and performance of the OriginTrail v6 testnet in all KPIs, such as the number of assets indexed by the network, network size, total graph size (TGS) and many fine-grained operational KPIs. Developers use it to analyze the state of the decentralized network and assess the impact of each new code release (described further here).

By running OriginTrail v6 testnet nodes and enabling telemetry submissions, you immediately become part of the bounty program, as your node will be submitting valuable telemetry measurements to the Telemetry Hub, for which in turn you are eligible for bounty in $TRAC tokens.

At the moment, through the Telemetry Hub we can see that the network was able to process up to 68.000 publish operations in one day (which is expected to grow even further), with approximately 15.6M records published and 850k resolve operations executed since v6 telemetry collection started. It is also expected to see a speed increase in several operations, lowering the average operation duration on several low-level KPIs.

How do I prepare for the telemetry bounty?

To join the telemetry bounty program, you need to setup an OriginTrail v6 node. After you’ve successfully started your node, follow the instructions on this link on how to prepare for the Telemetry bounty. It is important that you keep your node updated at all times (it can be automated using the auto-update feature) in order for your node results to be eligible for rewards. You are free to run multiple nodes, and will be rewarded for each of the nodes contributing, however make sure each node uses a different wallet (this is a prerequisite).

You can follow your score on the Telemetry hub scoreboard, and browse through KPI scoreboards if interested in the deep technicals.

How are telemetry contributions scored?

Each node score is calculated based on their telemetry contributions. The telemetry measurements they submit are processed and assigned a number of points each day, based on the contributions made the previous day.

Running a node generates data consistently over time, even when you are not using it, as it constantly communicates with other nodes on the network. Therefore, to obtain a good score it is recommended to keep your node running consistently for a long time and making sure it is always up-to-date. Interacting with your node (e.g. with applications that interact with its API) will also generate useful data which could increase the number of points received, however pay attention not to overload your node as this might make it unable to submit telemetry data and thus not get any points (e.g. trying to publish too frequently on the network could cause your node to delay telemetry data submissions and effectively lose points).

Telemetry bounty point scoring starts effectively from v6.0.0-beta.1.29 release on Wednesday March 9 at 23:59 GMT time.

As always refer to the official OriginTrail Discord group if you need any assistance from the developer community.

Final important notes

  • For a node to be eligible, it needs to be up to date with the latest version of OriginTrail v6, otherwise points will not be assigned during the period of running an outdated version of the node (unless specifically directed otherwise).
  • Any hacking attempts will be considered “noise” and ineligible for the bounty. The aim of the Telemetry bounty program is to test the v6 network, not to hack it (a security bounty program will be available during launch stages 2 and 3).
  • Make sure to stay informed about the v6 developments via OriginTrail official channels.
  • Finally, if you discover any potential improvements or issues, you are more than welcome to contribute to the respective Github repositories and receive even more bounty rewards!
  • Check out the full bounty Terms and Conditions here.

Trace on!

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