🚀 Moving to Rocket.Chat — announcing the new place for the OriginTrail community to thrive & grow

The community requested — we listened: in order to offer you, our dear Tracers, a platform where you can follow the debates that interest you (and avoid those that don’t), we are moving the community debates to Rocket.Chat and opening up channels dedicated to specific topics, including:

  • #dev
  • #bizdev
  • #trace-token
  • #updates
  • #resources
  • #jobs
  • etc.

What will happen to our Telegram channel?

We love the interactions we have had on Telegram. Our team truly values all of the support you have all shown for us by either actively contributing to the debates or just by simply sticking around. Unfortunately, due to the rapid growth of our community, we have discovered the need for a channel that allows for better moderation of the debates and increased prevention of phishing and other scam attempts. This is why we will be continuing all of our future chat interactions with the community at Rocket.Chat beginning February 20, 2018.

📅 We will be monitoring our Telegram group for the next 14 days to ensure that all community members are informed of the new official chat channel. Our team will help and support all of you with this transition to the new platform.

⚠️ After that, the OriginTrail administrators will not be active in the Telegram group anymore.

ℹ️ However, our Telegram Announcement Channel will be kept for official announcements and updates.

We would like to thank all of you for being an incredibly awesome community! We look forward to continuing all our debates at Rocket.Chat.

Rocket.Chat is very user friendly, especially if you have used Slack. You can also find the Rocket.Chat app for your device here (for “your server URL”, please enter “https://chat.origintrail.io”). There are more apps available for some platforms — please select “Rocket.Chat+”.

Upon registering with Rocket.Chat, please choose an appropriate username and set an avatar if you wish.

Our team appreciates your fullest support and cooperation with our decision to move to a more secure, user friendly platform. We believe this is the best decision for our future communications with, and for the community. Your safety and opinions matter to us. We are always looking for new ways to improve and evolve. For this reason, we believe your feedback is extremely valuable. Please continue to help us grow and thrive and we will continue to provide the best services we can for all of you. If you have any feedback you can leave it at Rocket.Chat.

Trace on,

OriginTrail Team

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