Bits x Bites Harvest 2: Food Tech Showcase event in Shanghai, December 2017

🏆 OriginTrail admitted to reputable Bits x Bites Acceleration Program in Shanghai 🇨🇳

OriginTrail got another fantastic recognition. As one of the most promising foodtech solutions, we were admitted to the 2nd round of famous Bits x Bites acceleration in Shanghai, China. Bits x Bites is China’s first foodtech accelerator VC to invest in food tech startups with a mission to shape the future of good food. Bits x Bites works closely with Walmart’s Food Innovation program (OriginTrail was also awarded by this association), Future Food Institute, world-class design company IDEO, and MILL food intelligence.

Five startups got selected — more than 100 applied

Matilda Ho, the founder and managing director of Bits x Bites accelerator commented:

“From Beijing to Switzerland, from Japan to Paris, industry influencers journeyed to Shanghai to partake in Harvest Day with tremendous enthusiasm in China’s food tech opportunity. It reinforced the notion that China is on the cusp of a powerful good food movement in which startups will inevitably play a critical part. Outcompeting over 100 applicants, these five teams hail from across China, Israel, and Slovenia, bringing solutions that are shaping the future of food in areas that include food safety, nutrition, and sustainability. A few of them are now well on their way to reach their fundraising goals, and others are making great strides with potential channel or pilot partners. We could not have been more proud of them.”
Wonderful crowd at Bits x Bites Harvest Day — we are glad to meet you all

OriginTrail is growing even stronger in Asia

We asked our COO Žiga Drev what does this accomplishment mean for OriginTrail’s rapidly increasing traction in Asia.

Žiga Drev 萨格·多雷伍 presenting OriginTrail at the event
“We have achieved way more in China than we could have ever hoped for before our first visit to Shanghai this year in March. Soon after we began our discovery in this amazing and diverse economy, we got to know great people and partners that are helping us scale our technology where it’s very much needed — in opaque food supply chains. It is our absolute pleasure to be working with Bits x Bites, Yimishiji, IDEO China and recently with Walmart Food Safety Collaboration Center to bring more transparency and increase trust in food systems. After presenting OriginTrail in Shanghai on December 8th in front of investors and C-level representatives of global companies, we saw there is an immense interest for solutions we offer.”

Meet the Foodtech Queen on a Mission to transform food quality in China with mindful patience

Matilda Ho is one of the most remarkable technology pioneers in Asia. Recently she gave an inspiring TED talk “The future of food in China” in which she evangelizes that food quality improvement journey is a function of mindful patience in contrast to the rapid growth of production. Listen to her beautiful message

Besides being a founder and managing director of Bits x Bites accelerator, she is also a founder and CEO of 一米市集 YIMISHIJI. YIMISHIJI is one of China’s first online farmers markets to bring organic and local produce to families. It stands alone as a farm-to-table e-commerce platform that has engineered food education and transparency into the entire supply chain and customer experience, effectively reshaping the relationship between Chinese consumers and farmers. Matilda also has a stellar career traction from before. She used to work as Design Lead in IDEO’s Shanghai office, Project Leader at Boston Consulting Group, Senior Marketing Executive for Food and Beverages at Unilever and Account Executive at Ogilvy & Mather.

We are proud that she and her team recognized the potential of implementing the OriginTrail technology by applying it to support Yimishiji’s origin tracking system and becoming one of the early adopters of OriginTrail’s blockchain technology.

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