OriginTrail Calls for Ambassadors of the Supply Chain Revolution driven by Blockchain

[Updated with a new program on 1 March, 2018]

New Ambassador Program: *Community Management* Only Tracers Can Do

Tracers Unite!

It has been a while since we launched our last ambassador program. With all the wonderful things happening on our social media and chat channels, we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge how valuable the contribution of our community has been in spreading awareness about the protocol. We also want to offer some tokens of appreciation for your willingness to help us out in a more structured way.

Right now, we are looking for community members who want to spread TRACE awareness by becoming admins and moderators. Since our community is constantly growing and evolving, we feel the responsibility and honor to cater to them with timely, high-quality information. As you know, our team is constantly working on building the protocol and strengthening partnerships.

We are looking for 5 Tracers to join forces with us

4 x Telegram Community Admin

Trace mission:

  • Help others learn about OriginTrail
  • Answer questions professionally
  • Build community spirit
  • Make sure our community is well nurtured and protected against spammers, scammers, and fuddlers


  • Native or working proficiency in English
  • Nerves of steel
  • Ability to communicate without using words: You are an experienced gif, emoji & sticker user. :D
  • Warm and welcoming personality
  • You have been on our Telegram channel for some time and know the community inside out. :)


  • Ban hammer 🔨
  • 5000 TRAC tokens per month
  • OriginTrail T-shirt & hoodie
  • Weekly update with the team

1 x Reddit Moderator

Trace mission:

  • Answer Questions
  • Spread awareness for OriginTrail by posting cool content and participating in debates
  • Help others discover OriginTrail
  • Be (the) smart(est) in the subreddit :)


  • Native or working proficiency in English
  • Profile with karma above 100
  • You know OriginTrail


  • OriginTrail T-shirt & hoodie
  • Weekly update with the team

Reward: 5000 TRAC tokens per month

Wanna join? Hit apply here.

OriginTrail Community will help us make the final selection.

Many thanks for your support and willingness to spread the good word of Trace!