OriginTrail Calls for Ambassadors of the Supply Chain Revolution driven by Blockchain

One cannot buy love, but we would be ungrateful not to acknowledge the efforts of OriginTrail’s supportive and engaged community. This is why after successfully launching our first community reward program, based on the vast interest of our wonderful community we decided to go one step further — to launch an 🏆OriginTrail Ambassadors Program.

🏁 Help us spread the word and gain up to 5,000 tokens weekly

Weekly rewards

We will distribute 22,100 TRAC tokens each week to the first 100 Ambassadors from the Leaderboard.
1st place 🏆 5,000 tokens
2nd place 🥈 2,000 tokens
3rd place 🥉 1,000 tokens
4th–25th place 💎 300 tokens
26th–100th place 🔑 100 tokens

Want in? Here is how …

Submit your application to OriginTrail Ambassadors Program here.

We will send you further instructions on how to submit the proof of your contributions once you do that. We encourage you to share quality posts about OriginTrail on your channels. We will score them according to the number of posts and the number of interactions.

Example of a tweet
SCORE= 0.5* No. of posts + 0.2 * No. of followers/friends (1=below 500; 2= above 500) + 0.3 * quality of content (1=generic content; 2=personal insight).
Example of a tweet

If you spread the message on more channels, we will use the sum of all scores.

If you have blog posts, LinkedIn posts, YouTube reviews or meetups in mind, we will reward your efforts with fixed reward — however, the placement must be pre-approved:

👥 Meetup (5000 TRAC tokens or 200 tokens for an attendee)
📹 Video content (2000 TRAC tokens)
📄 Blog posts (1000 TRAC tokens)

Please ping us on Telegram or office@origin-trail.com to arrange these placements and get the support of our communications team to help you prepare the content if needed.

We will restart our leaderboard weekly. Whenever you join, you can prosper from Ambassadors Program.

Do not spam. Neither you nor us will look good if you go overboard and paste the link on some irrelevant platforms. Read FAQ below to learn about our scam and spam protection. Let’s keep in cultivated and meaningful. Play fair, gain far.

🏆 PRO tips from OriginTrail’s comm team: How to be the very best

⚖️ Quality trumps quantity — every single time. We have had the privilege to get some awesome pieces of content from our community.

If you need some inspiration to create content, check out our comm kit (find photos) or ping us on Telegram if we can help to prepare some materials for you.

Also, our advisors have been wonderful promoters of OriginTrail. Huge thanks to all of you, who inspired us with your thoughts and support to a project as well as your unique perspectives. Below are some examples of our favorite community contribution ever. However, each though counts and we will appreciate it.


That is it. Ready to roll?

Submit your application to OriginTrail Ambassadors Program here.

Let’s announce the revolution of supply chains driven by blockchain technologies together. Ping us on Telegram if you have any question.

Cheers, let’s rock this! 🤘


What if I am late to the party?

No worries, the leaderboard will be restarted weekly so if you join later on, you still have a fair chance to be rewarded for your efforts.

How will you track my efforts?

Each contributor will get a unique link.The leaderboard in automated and supported with the technology of a London-based company Viral Loops, which guarantees data protection while automating program analytics. If you need some other system in place, our team members are delighted to help. Ping us on Telegram.

When will I get a reward?

When you submit your wallet (ETH) address, we will add you to our reward program, which will last until the end of our token sale in February. We will trace your referral activity until that day and send you a report when the referral program is finished. During the first week after initial distribution we will airdrop your reward tokens directly to your wallet — conveniently and safely.

I have a sizable community and would like to work closer with you?

Fantastic, ping us at office@origin-trail.com. We will work closely with you on developing a compensation scheme that will fairly compensate you for your contribution.

How much are the tokens worth?

The value of token at TGE is $0.1.

Anti-scam & spam protection

Folks, just don’t bother to inflate this by bringing in fake profiles to boost your gain. We’ll be employing all available methods to identify fake profiles for boosting gains. The team has sole discretion to not distribute awards for any practices deemed unfair. Stay true to blockchain and crypto culture: play fair — gain fair.

👇 More about OriginTrail 👇

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