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OriginTrail Community Reward Program: Get Tokens of Appreciation

[This bounty program is now finished. Thank you for your support!]

Get rewarded every time you help us spread the renaissance of decentralized supply chain powered by blockchain ⛓️. What is fair is fair — you help us spread the word, we give you something in return.

[UPDATE: This program is now closed. Thanks to everyone for your involvement!]

Hey Tracers

Excited about decentralizing global supply chain, making them more efficient and transparent?

OriginTrail will pitch in a token of appreciation (literally) every time you help us spread the word of our shared mission of transforming how trust and consumer confidence are built in complex global supply chains.

Meet Trace tokens & get them free

OriginTrail Decentralized Network will use Trace tokens as the means of transaction. Trace tokens are a subject of our token sale that starts in January 2018. Trace tokens will be used every time end users interact with the protocol, either writing data to it or reading from it. With interest for using the protocol growing from all sides (brands, retailers, service providers, compliance organizations, research institutes), we are excited about the token’s future.

How to get Reward (FREE) Trace Token?

It is simple and transparent. You can choose as many actions as you would like. Each action will be rewarded.

1. Get started (10 tokens for you immediately & more) 🏁

Join OriginTrail Telegram group and follow us on Twitter and clap for this Medium article 👏 (🏆 10 Traces)

Voilà! You are in. Congrats on obtaining the first 10 Traces.

ℹ ️Need help? https://telegram.org/ is all you need to tackle how to download the app and join the OriginTrail Telegram group.

2. Help others to discover OriginTrail (10 Traces for each new member)

Invite your contacts who are likely to be interested in this project and expand the Trace community.

How to invite your contacts to a channel?

  1. Visit OriginTrail Telegram group from your cell phone.
  2. Click on logo OriginTrail logo (upper right) to get group info.
  3. Click Add Member ➕👤 Icon
  4. Choose people from your contact list and click done.

(🏆 10 Traces token for each contact invited by you )

Make sure you send relevant invites and that contacts stay in the group. Only invited contacts who do not leave the group before February 2018 will be acknowledged as successful invites. Read FAQ at the end of this post to understand why that matters.

3. Let us know your ETH address Wallet

You can do it via this form or email office@origin-trail.com so that we can transfer you your well-deserved reward.

ℹ ️Don’t have a wallet yet? Here is how to create it (for free) + a video tutorial.

Why? Because we rather give value to community than to ad space providers

People trust and form relationships with people. Word of mouth has always been one of the most valuable ways how people discover new products, services and projects. A lot of companies in the crypto space are paying a huge buck to buy people’s attention. Often the most loyal supporters get unnoticed or taken for granted. We would like to do better for our nearest and dearest fans. We firmly believe that we should also be rewarding people who love and know us the most. And we will. With this reward programme and more (if you read FAQ at the end of this post).

Trace on,

OriginTrail team

👇 More about OriginTrail 👇

Web | Twitter | Facebook | Telegram | LinkedIn | White Paper

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) — because transparency matters!

When and how you will get your well-earned Trace tokens?

When you submit your wallet (ETH) address, we will add you to our reward programme, which will last until our token sale in January. We will trace your referral activity until that day and send you a report when the referral programme is finished. During the first week after initial distribution we will airdrop your reward tokens directly to your wallet — conveniently and safely.

Sorry, I am not into social media, let’s do content instead!

If you are interested in more advanced forms of participation (blog posts, listings, video, reviews), drop us a line at office@origin-trail.com.

I supported you even before this program, do I get rewarded for my past actions as well?

Short answer: Yes, it is our pleasure to do this for you.

Long answer: We are beyond grateful to OriginTrail all community members who have been with us for a very long time. Your support is crucial for us, and of course, we will also reward you for your past activities. Analysis of past activity of the members can be made in the time until TGE is finished. Approximately one week after initial distribution you will get the tokens.

Not only that, but we will also launch an ambassador programme soon, where you will be eligible to get even more appreciation airdropped to your wallet. Write us on Telegram if you would like to know more.

How much are the tokens worth?

The value of token at TGE is $0.1.

How many tokens are going to be distributed?

2% of our total token supply is reserved for bounties. The treasure hold for this Community Reward Program is 150,000 Trace tokens. They will be distributed on a first come — first serve basis.

Anti-scam & spam protection

Folks, just don’t bother to inflate this by bringing in fake profiles to boost your gain. We’ll be employing all available methods to identify fake profiles for boosting gains. The team has sole discretion to not distribute awards for any practices deemed unfair. Stay true to blockchain and crypto culture: play fair — gain fair.

Need more?
In case you have more questions, drop us a line in our Telegram channel and we will answer you in the shortest time possible, we promise.



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