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5 min readDec 30, 2020


Having the year of 2020 (almost) behind us, we are excited to bring you the updates from the OriginTrail core developers on what’s been cooking in the latest sprints.

The knowledge economy infrastructure development in full swing

Earlier this October the Trace Alliance Decentralization and Tokenomics working group released OT-RFC 07 “Multichain OriginTrail Decentralized Network — Starfleet initiative”, crafted by the Starfleet Task Force to present a concrete plan for the OriginTrail multi chain protocol implementation together with announcing a community operated Starfleet blockchain. After several rounds of feedback from the discussions within the Trace Alliance working group (which also hosts the Polkadot initiative with our partners Parity Technologies) and the official OriginTrail RFC repository, the proposal has been moved to the accepted stage on November 6th, confirming the motion to move towards the multichain implementation direction.

Today, the OriginTrail Core developers are excited to present the next ODN related RFC out today — OT-RFC 08 OT Node Blockchain Service Module specification, which further specifies the technical implementation of the OriginTrail nodes in version 5 as initially outlined in OT-RFC 07. It presents the additional node services which enable the OT-node to simultaneously function with multiple blockchains within it’s blockchain service. We invite the community to provide comments and suggestions to the spec through the official RFC repository.

Warp: The new OriginTrail v5 multi chain testnet to be launched in early 2021 in preparation for Starfleet

According to the proposal in OT-RFC 08, the core developers have been actively working on the first OT-node v5 alpha implementations, which have been successfully deployed and tested in the lab environment. We are excited to announce that the first OriginTrail v5 beta release will be deployed to Warp testnet, a multi-chain canary test network, which is about to launch in early Q1 2021. The Warp testnet will operate with two Ethereum testnet blockchains in its consensus layer, thus reaching ODN technology readiness level 6 (TRL6). The aim of Warp is to validate the functional requirements in the relevant environment, test running the new services in order to proceed towards a production release of OT-node v5. More information on the Warp testnet will be available in the coming weeks including details on how to test out the latest v5 beta OT-node — stay tuned!

Starfleet blockchain development in full swing

Together with the ongoing work on the OT-node, the core developers have moved forward with the Starfleet blockchain implementation, built on the latest version of the Substrate blockchain development framework, together with the Parity team through the Substrate Builders program. The core developers expect to reach TRL5 in early Q1, moving towards a public testnet after a thorough review performed together with the Parity team. The Starfleet blockchain will be the second blockchain to which the OriginTrail Knowledge Graph will connect to, making the first production multi chain implementation live in 2021 as the core infrastructure for the future knowledge economy. Further developments include the Polkadot integration and multiple optimizations to the ODN consensus layer functionalities to additionally improve efficiency of the current implementation.

New tools for the new knowledge economy

Following the Starfleet blockchain and OT-Node v5 developments, the team has been also developing the associated tools and specifying their integration in the OriginTrail ecosystem. Particularly the new OriginTrail Explorer will be extended to incorporate the new knowledge economy tools and the ODN v5 multi chain networks in it’s second version. It will provide an even more user friendly view into the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph, including direct interactions of individuals with the DKG, knowledge tokens and knowledge wallets. The new OriginTrail Explorer will enable easier access to published data, including access to information on COVID-19 essential products, recently collected by the OriginTrail community for the Trusted COVID-19 Essential Supplies Repository.

The specifics and the possibilities of the new knowledge economy toolset, including more details on improvements to the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph will be released in the new whitepaper by the core developers in January 2021.

Now boarding to Starfleet

As recently announced at the Liftoff event, the Starfleet boarding process will initiate in Q1 2021 prior to Starfleet blockchain launch, to transition the first users to the new Starfleet blockchain and provision StarTRAC tokens to kickstart the OriginTrail knowledge economy.

In the preparation period, the core developers have set the necessary activities in motion, one of which is the development and review of the Starfleet boarding smart contract and its functional requirements which have been specified in detail in the OT-RFC 10 earlier this month. The smart contract public review will also be accompanied with a bug bounty program to ensure the highest level of security of the boarding process. The boarding process aims to transition up to 50MM of TRAC tokens to the Starfleet blockchain in order to kickstart the blockchain, which will be launched during the Starfleet launch window. Following the launch of Starfleet, launching a two way bridge between Starfleet and Ethereum will take place during the Bridge launch window phase.

Ready to join the new knowledge economy?

Join us on our mission to build a privacy first, human centric knowledge economy of the future. Here’s how you can contribute:

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  • Join the RFC process to directly impact the OriginTrail development;
  • Become a contributor in one of the OriginTrail repositories;
  • Join the discussion on our Discord and Telegram community channels;
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