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OriginTrail Development Update: T-7 days to multichain Decentralized Knowledge Graph & TRAC on xDai bounty program launch

The latest, fifth major version of OriginTrail protocol implementation is about to be released. After a focused development cycle and collaboration effort with teams of Parity and xDai we are excited to announce that ot-node v5 is ready to launch!

What’s new in ot-node version 5?

The upcoming ot-node v5 introduces several pivotal changes, which radically extend the capabilities of the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph and set the foundation for the inception of OriginTrail Knowledge Economy tools. The initial versions of these tools will be released as early as 2021.

The upcoming v5 is the first version to bring OriginTrail to its multi-blockchain implementation, taking the blockchain agnostic path as envisioned in the original white paper. Initially, OriginTrail will support Ethereum and xDai blockchains, soon after moving towards integration with the community-operated Starfleet blockchain and further integration with Polkadot. From v5 onward, adding support for additional blockchains will be a standardized process of integration and any blockchain ecosystem wanting to benefit from the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph will be capable of integrating.

Also part of the new version is the high-availability (HA) node implementation for increased resilience, several performance updates, and bug fixes. More information will be released in the official documentation in the coming days.

The upcoming major ot-node v5 release requires node runners to perform several manual steps for a successful update (NOTE: the automatic update features are only possible for minor version updates, each major version update requires some manual activity).

In order to understand how to update your node once the network updates are live, please follow the instructions on this link.

NOTE: Do not attempt to update your node before version 5 is officially live on testnet or mainnet as the update will not complete. Only update your nodes once the v5 has been released for the particular network you run your node on.

The current release schedule is:

  • Testnet v5 update will be launched on Wednesday, March 17.
  • Mainnet v5 launch ETA is Tuesday, March 23, after successfully completing and reviewing the testnet update process.

The OriginTrail core developers have been testing the update procedure in several local network environments. The testnet update is the last “rehearsal” for the OriginTrail Decentralized Network (ODN) v5 mainnet update process. Once the testnet launch is successfully complete, the mainnet launch will commence immediately after, targeting March 23 as the launch date.

Please make sure to follow the update instructions closely and perform the update to the new version in a timely manner. In case of any problems or questions, please direct all your questions to the #v5-update OriginTrail Discord channel to get the quickest support by OriginTrail community and core developers.

OriginTrail v5 staking bounty program on xDai — close to 100 million TRAC staked for Starfleet

As announced previously, the upcoming Starfleet stage follows an initial boarding in which Tracers are able to board the Starfleet blockchain through the staking process. During this process up to 100 million TRAC tokens will be locked and transferred to the Starfleet blockchain on genesis. A bounty pool of 5 million TRAC tokens has been designated exclusively for those staking for Starfleet and is about to be made available once ODN v5 is launched on the mainnet. These tokens will be distributed on the xDai blockchain as xTRAC.

At the time of publishing this article, it is still possible to board Starfleet and become eligible for the 5 million TRAC bounty to test run the OriginTrail v5. In order to do so, visit http://staking.origintrail.io/ and perform the staking process. However there is not much room left, so be quick if you want to participate in launching the new knowledge economy with Starfleet!

xTRAC bounty collection will be possible through the same website (http://staking.origintrail.io/) once staking is complete. It will allow all those who have staked TRAC to access their bounty xTRAC from a designated bounty smart contract on xDai blockchain and use them to run an OriginTrail v5 node with vastly improved efficiency gains. We expect to see an increased activity on the ODN due to far greater attractiveness to run trusted knowledge exchange that will result with the launch of the OriginTrail v5 next week.

Important note:
Bounty collection will have to be performed using the same wallet as the one used for staking. You will also need to provide certain personal information to be eligible to receive the bounty. The information is needed to comply with accounting and legal standards and will be stored and managed according to the requirements of GDPR.

Starfleet Bug Bounty — phase one completion

At the beginning of the year, the OriginTrail core developers have launched the Starfleet bug bounty program for all security researchers to assist with securing the staking process. As the boarding process comes to an end, the first phase of the bug bounty program will be completed. We want to thank all the bounty hunters for helping us make the process more secure and reliable for everyone. The final bug bounty program procedures are being completed and the first phase will be fully completed by the end of March. (If you still have not been approached by the Trace Labs security team, it will happen within the next several days.)

We expect phase two of the bug bounty to commence following the Starfleet blockchain developments in the coming weeks. We will announce more details on the scope and requirements as soon as phase two is launched. Once phase one is complete, the team will stop reviewing any bug bounty submissions that involve the scope of phase one.

Get ready for the next phase of ODN

The introduction of a multi-chain OriginTrail and the Starfleet community-run chain are expected to significantly impact the growth of the entire OriginTrail ecosystem by delivering unprecedented efficiency and unlocking a wider scope of applicability. The OriginTrail core developers invite all Tracers to participate in the final stages of the Starfleet boarding, upcoming version 5 testnet and mainnet release, and be part of the OriginTrail initiative of launching the OriginTrail Knowledge Economy #together.

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