OriginTrail Monthly Report: June 2019

Jul 7, 2019 · 3 min read

In June, OriginTrail team continued to dive deeper into knowledge graphs. We presented an innovative new use case with EVRYTHNG for the fashion & apparel industry. The tech team was working hard, too, and presented the community with a development update at the end of Q2.

Use Case with EVRYTHNG for the Fashion and Apparel Industry

Using a combination of IoT and blockchain technologies, consumers can get full insight into the transparency and provenance of the clothing they buy. EVRYTHNG, the IoT platform that activates every consumer product to make it intelligent, interactive and trackable on the web, and OriginTrail continued their already successful partnership aimed at bringing a new generation of internet technologies to innovative global brands. Most recently, the two companies partnered with Avery Dennison and fashion brand, 1017 ALYX 9SM (founded by Matthew Williams, Lady Gaga’s ex-creative director and a collaborator of Kanye West), to create clothing that is born digital — allowing brands to connect with their customers directly via a QR code.

After this initial PoC on OriginTrail’s test network, EVRYTHNG team is looking forward to larger deployments of supply chain data sharing on the ODN mainnet.

EVRYTHNG’s co-founder & CTO Dominque Guinaerd with this overview of this project and a year of our partnership.

Completed Roadmap Deliverables for Q2

Throughout the month, the core development team was busy finishing up the deliverables for the second quarter of the year, as outlined in the (that was part of the ). All activities are on track.

In the Q2 that finished in June, Houston application for node management was updated and open-sourced, a pilot project with live IoT data was published on ODN, and the support for Hyperledger Fabric and W3C standards was implemented. The tech team also shared some insights about the upcoming development stages.

Knowledge Graph Explained Using the Binance Hack Case

We dived deeper into the benefits of the knowledge graph and OriginTrail’s data layer on the use case of tracking the Binance hack. You can make better sense of the technology using the beautiful visualizations showing all the connections in the knowledge graph. The OriginTrail graph provides great overview of complex and interconnected data that can be further enriched with information from multiple sources leveraging the self-governed ODN based on Ethereum.

The Open Call Project Update

In June, we had the webinar for the Open Call teams to help them onboard to the ODN mainnet. The integration has already been performed by the Kakaxi team — example data on ODN is . The team is tying in data from their IoT device for reporting weather conditions and camera feed to the ODN through the Network Operating System (nOS). We will work with other teams to help them onboard to the network in July and August.

Communications & Events Highlights

OriginTrail made an impact in June with active engagement during several important events. Here are some highlights:

  • Friday, June 7th, was the World Food Safety Day — a field which trusted data exchange and solutions based on OriginTrail help to improve. CTO Branimir Rakić joined a panel discussion on the topic in Belgrade, organized by the USAID.
  • In an , co-founders Tomaž and Žiga have discussed blockchain for agri-food sector, data integrity, Ethereum scalability, and much more with the host Alex.
  • We organised a meetup in Belgrade, Serbia, where our tech HQ is located.

  • Vogue Business published a story about our fashion use case.
  • The certifications use case with OneAgrix, including provenance app for poultry, grabbed the attention from probably the most focused industry portal — .
  • When explaining cryptocurrencies and Facebook’s Libra project, Euronews used Tomaz’s explanation on why decentralization matters.
  • Trace Alliance Chairman John Keogh and Trace Labs General Manager Jurij Skornik hosted a webinar aimed at businesses getting started with blockchain technologies.
  • And, last but not least, we are hiring! We have opened a bunch of new dev positions in June. Check them out here: .

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OriginTrail is an ecosystem dedicated to making supply chains work together since 2011, contributing to a more transparent, fair, and trusted global supply chain.


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OriginTrail is an ecosystem dedicated to making supply chains work together since 2011, contributing to a more transparent, fair, and trusted global supply chain.

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