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OriginTrail Monthly Report: October 2019

In October, OriginTrail’s core team continued to develop at full speed. We unveiled the new website (which now betters serves the whole ecosystem), presented the updated roadmap, started the OriginTrail Academy and took part in leading industry events around the world.

New OriginTrail Website

We were proud to unveil a brand new website in October. It is designed to better serve all stakeholders in the OriginTrail ecosystem. OriginTrail.io is now an entry point that leads each visitor to their desired destination. There’s relevant content for anyone interested in OriginTrail and the adoption of blockchain technology (including case studies), resources for open-source developers, node runners, and more.

Explore the Website

Blockchers Project Moving to the Next Stage

Trace Labs — the core development team of the OriginTrail protocol — was selected to proceed to the next level of the Blockchers program in Budapest, Hungary at the beginning of the month. Trace Labs is one of eight teams moving forward to the implementation stage.

Trace Labs is part of the Blockchers program with a project for an agricultural cooperative. The project plans to use the OriginTrail protocol to automate and streamline core processes and incentivize sustainable farmers by using a public blockchain with built-in transparency and integrity.

Blockchers is one of four currently active Europan consortia that are featuring the OriginTrail protocol. In October, we prepared a blog with updates on all of them. Read it here.

Tech Update: OT Hub Is Back!

OT Hub is a community-made project for live insights into the OriginTrail Decentralized Network (ODN). After OT Hub experienced a few weeks of downtime, the core development team helped community member bbnm to bring it back online.

OT Hub enables real-time data about nodes and offers on ODN. It also provides an interface for node runners to manage their nodes. OT Hub is now hosted on the core team’s servers but remains a community project.

OriginTrail is an open-source undertaking and it is great to see independent projects being developed in the ecosystem. We are planning a new section for the community on the new website that will serve as a hub for all types of resources.

In October, an update of the node v2.0.59 for the ODN mainnet was released. This release introduced dynamic gas pricing, which reduces the cost of blockchain transactions. Read the release notes on GitHub.

Trace Alliance: New Interim Chairman and Bold Plans for the Future

Trace Alliance, the inclusiveness pillar of the OriginTrail ecosystem, is taking on a new challenge in the following months by transitioning towards becoming a formally established non-profit organization. It will continue on its path to ensure product integrity in all stages of the product life cycle. As an industry-led organization, it will serve as a unified voice to contribute to the governance of relevant ecosystems like OriginTrail, Ethereum, Hyperledger and others. In October, we presented the new Interim Chairman Andrej Muževič and Interim General Secretary Ana Bevc, who are already working on the foundation of the new phase for the Trace Alliance.

Communications & Events Highlights

Team members were present at various events in October and our work was featured in relevant media.

  • Co-founder & managing director Ziga Drev took the stage at the World Crypto Con in Las Vegas … Twice!
  • Meanwhile, co-founder & managing director Tomaz Levak was on a panel in Barcelona with executives from Carrefour & Bureau Veritas at the world’s most important IoT event.
  • Ziga Drev shared some thoughts on how blockchain technology is transforming the supply chain management business in an interview with Disruptor Daily.
  • We started the OriginTrail Academy, a series of events open to the public at the OriginTrail tech hub in Belgrade. The academy will feature short lectures about the ideas that inspire us and the technologies we use. At the first event, co-founder & CTO Branimir Rakić showcased the decentralized knowledge graph.
  • We celebrated the first anniversary of GS1’s position paper on blockchain interoperability, which featured our expertise.
  • One of the companies using the OriginTrail protocol had an excellent example of how to use it to boost consumer engagement.
  • And, last but not least, community member Guinessstache prepared this awesome video about the project.

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OriginTrail is the Decentralized Knowledge Graph that organizes AI-grade knowledge assets, making them discoverable and verifiable for a sustainable global economy.

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OriginTrail is the Decentralized Knowledge Graph that organizes AI-grade knowledge assets, making them discoverable & verifiable for sustainable global economy.