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OriginTrail multichain Decentralized Knowledge Graph is now live: Mainnet launch on xDai, claiming xTRAC bounty, and the road ahead

Ever since the first public announcement of the OriginTrail Decentralized Network (ODN) in the original 2017 whitepaper, the OriginTrail core developers have been on a mission to make the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph (DKG) compatible with multiple blockchains. We are excited to announce that the first multichain DKG implementation of OriginTrail is live today and with this come massive efficiency gains and vastly expanded usability!

ODN v5 goes live on xDai blockchain

After successfully launching the v5 update on the OriginTrail testnet last week, the latest version of the OT node hit the mainnet today. All node runners are advised to proceed with the update to the latest version following the instructions posted in the official documentation.

Please note that this update is not automatic as it is a major version update and requires additional setup. This ODN update will not affect the operations of the network on the Ethereum blockchain, rather it extends the consensus layer implementation with an integration to the xDai blockchain. For those of you wanting to join the ODN by setting up your own node (anybody can join the ODN as it is a permissionless network), please follow the instructions here.

After a successful expansion to xDai and test running the multichain ODN in the mainnet environment, the developments will proceed with the next major milestone — integration with the Starfleet blockchain currently in development.

We encourage all node runners to join our official Discord to be up to date with technical discussions and announcements regarding the v5 update by the team, to ask for support, and to report any potential findings or issues so that they can be addressed as soon as possible (the best place for this is in the #v5-update dedicated Discord channel).

Testing the multichain ODN v5 & claiming bounty in xTRAC

After successfully completing the Starfleet boarding process last week and reaching 100 million TRAC staked, all who participated in this process will be granted an opportunity to claim xTRAC bounty tokens. The xTRAC tokens can be used to test the multichain ODN and kick-start the ODN xDai implementation. A total bounty pool of 5 million TRAC tokens on the xDai chain has been designated for this purpose. Since the boarding process reached the maximum amount of 100 million TRAC staked, each participant will be eligible to claim 5% of the total amount of tokens staked from their wallet in xTRAC token as their bounty.

Claiming the bounty in TRAC tokens on xDAI (TRAC tokens bridged from Ethereum blockchain to xDai) will be possible EXCLUSIVELY through the official website from Wednesday, March 24, 15:00 UTC (ETA) on. Claiming the bounty will only be possible using the same wallets that were used for staking. Participants claiming their bounty will also need to provide certain personal information (needed to comply with accounting and legal standards and will be stored and managed according to the requirements of GDPR).

Please see the video below for instructions on how to claim your xTRAC bounty tokens.

Note of caution: As always, stay safe and please be aware of possible scammers — our team will never approach you directly via social media or request your private keys at any time. The bounty collection process is strictly going to occur via the website as indicated above. In case of any doubt please double check the information with the team.

The road ahead: Starfleet, Polkadot & the Knowledge Economy tools

The introduction of a multichain OriginTrail (starting from the xDai chain, then followed by Starfleet and Polkadot) and Starfleet community-run chain is expected to significantly impact the growth of the entire ecosystem by delivering unprecedented efficiency and unlocking a wider scope of applicability.

The multichain OriginTrail along with the upcoming Knowledge Economy tools are expected to show several positive effects on tokenomics of TRAC. Already with the completion of the staking phase, we have witnessed a significant amount of the entire emission (up to 20% of total supply and over 25% of circulating supply) locked to be utilized for adoption until the Starfleet bridge is made functional. Such utility-focused commitment from the OriginTrail community is an impressive testament to the expected value of the network and its tokenomics.

As the confidence and the value in the OriginTrail Decentralized Network grows, we are confident that it will attract even more participants, which will increase the ODN size, value, and utility.

#TraceOn, from now on with massive efficiency gains and vastly increased usability!

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OriginTrail is the world’s first Decentralized Knowledge Graph, organizing humanity’s most important assets, and making them discoverable, verifiable and valuable.

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