OriginTrail on Blockchain — Announcing a Giant Leap Forward for Transparency in Supply Chains at Food Integrity Blockchained in Amsterdam

OriginTrail’s mission has always been to bring trust into supply chains. Greater transparency benefits consumers and brands alike and has positive effects on the general business environment. Five years of experience with complex solutions is putting us in a unique position where we can quickly adapt to emerging and promising new technologies.

That is why we started including blockchain as an additional layer of trust for data in our system. It ensures immutability of anything entered in the OriginTrail system thus making sure data cannot be tampered with. On this basis, we are developing a solution which will support data sharing in a multi-organizational environment of global, complex supply chains. We are creating the OriginTrail platform to bring blockchain technology to supply chains in a scalable, decentralized and interoperable way.

OriginTrail Co-founder & CEO Tomaz Levak

On Tuesday, we presented the first glimpse into the emerging platform at Food Integrity Blockchained event at FreedomLab Campus in Amsterdam. You can see the video of the presentation on our Facebook page. Hearing intriguing questions and inspiring comments from the engaged crowd was proof that we are making steps in the right path. Tuesday also marked the day when we published our refreshed website that includes a position paper explaining the decentralized OriginTrail platform in more detail.

We have also started testing our new solution in practice. With 3 pilot projects in the pipeline, our focus turns to the Chinese market, where tech-savvy consumers in large cities are increasingly careful where their food is coming from. Yimishiji will be first of the three, a marketplace for local products that will ensure accountability and product journey with the blockchain-supported OriginTrail solution. Closely following the first case will be European wineries selling in China, using OriginTrail for authentication in the fight against counterfeit products. Lastly, we will carry out a cooperation with a European dairy selling in China to show the origin of their ingredients and entire product journey.

In the following months, we will be working towards preparing the fully decentralized solution for which purpose we will be hosting a token generating event. Tokens will be offered at a crowdsale and will be utilized by platform users to award nodes on the platform in exchange for their storage and processing power.

We are looking forward to building the new OriginTrail platform with you. Join the discussion on Telegram and follow our channels to be the first notified about the future updates.

Photo courtesy of the Food Integrity Blockchained
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