OriginTrail Takes the Stage at the GS1 Global Forum 2019

Feb 26, 2019 · 3 min read

The Global Forum is GS1’s largest annual event and is aimed at aligning the organization’s global strategy, inspiring innovation and strengthening staff around the world. OriginTrail had the honor to be included in two activities during the forum, a recognition of the strong bond we have with this important business standards organization. OriginTrail was part of the Digital Identity plenary and was one of only three global companies that had their innovative case studies presented at the forum.

More than 800 attendees from 95 countries around the world were present at this year’s GS1 Global Forum, which took place in Brussels, Belgium, and lasted the whole week of February 18–22. There were more than 50 sessions on the busy schedule. GS1 understands the importance of identification and authentication solutions for the future of business standards. The organization is including these solutions in their current work on traceability, the blockchain, web standards, and fighting illicit trade.

The Digital Identity and Bridging Blockchains Plenary

For a standards organization like GS1, it is essential to stay relevant as the global landscape of identity changes. How will GS1 fit into the future of digital identification of things, products, places, and people? This was discussed by a panel of experts: Žiga Drev, Co-founder of OriginTrail, was joined by Salim Hasham, Partner at McKinsey & Company, Renaud de Barbuat, CIO and Digital Transformation Leader at Carrefour, and Jeff Denton, Senior Director for Global Secure Supply Chain at AmerisourceBergen.

Žiga highlighted how GS1 standards were instrumental to OriginTrail’s product since the beginning and how common standards are important for the interoperability layer that OriginTrail is building.

The panel discussion on the blockchain and interoperability was moderated by Bob Carpenter, CEO of GS1 USA.

OriginTrail’s Case Study Presented at the GS1 Standards and Blockchain Session

Two days later, OriginTrail was one of only three global companies that had their innovative solutions presented as case studies at the GS1 Global Forum. Mark Kalin, Head of Innovation Office and New Technology at the BTC Company, presented a case study of how the BTC Company is using the OriginTrail protocol in its logistics center. They are building the BTC City — a smart city with an extremely rich ecosystem — and have successfully implemented OriginTrail’s blockchain technology solution, which connects vendors and retailers for data sharing and are acting as a third-party logistics provider.

The session leader was Timothy Marsh, Senior Director for Traceability, Provenance, Sustainability and Blockchain at the GS1 Global Office.

GS1 and OriginTrail: A Story of Successful Collaboration

We are proud that GS1 recognizes the need for the OriginTrail blockchain protocol when it comes to scalability and interoperability of blockchain-enabled solutions. Our participation at the GS1 Global Forum 2019 in Brussels was preceded by a history of successful collaboration.

In July, OriginTrail and GS1 Slovenia signed a letter of intent to cooperate in the field of business support using GS1 standards. We were later invited to present at GS1’s annual Industry & Standards Event in Dublin, as well as to contribute to GS1’s position paper on blockchain interoperability. OriginTrail was also a part of the GS1’s Regional Forum in Europe in October.

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