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OriginTrail Tech Roadmap Update

OriginTrail set out as an open-source project when we first published a white paper two years ago. Throughout development, we have regularly interacted with numerous organizations on implementations of the OriginTrail protocol, exploring their challenges connected to trusted data exchange, and will continue to do so.

As we are building technology that is relevant to its users, our core development team regularly reviews the roadmap to keep it aligned with OriginTrail’s overall objective: To build a global foundation for trusted and scalable data exchange.

This year, we outlined our vision for the OriginTrail ecosystem based on the principles of neutrality, inclusiveness, and usability, represented by the pillars of the OriginTrail protocol, Trace Alliance as a collaboration hub, and Trace Labs as a development company.

The roadmap is now additionally updated with more details that clearly outline the core development team’s focus through the end of 2020. It now outlines a more detailed plan for future releases and major protocol updates.

Explore the roadmap on the OriginTrail website.

OriginTrail is an open-source protocol, with code published on GitHub. The core development team encourages improvement proposals and pull requests for additional features. As we build the OriginTrail ecosystem and additional tools for community interaction, the goal for the period after 2020 is to transfer the governance of the protocol to a decentralized community of protocol users.

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OriginTrail is the world’s first Decentralized Knowledge Graph, organizing humanity’s most important assets, and making them discoverable, verifiable and valuable.

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The World’s First Decentralized Knowledge Graph

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