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OriginTrail V6 and Parachain: from Turing to Metcalfe phase

“For the first time, I am trying to say exactly what kinds of value are created by networks. What I have learned is that knowledge graphs can go a lot farther if they are decentralized, /…/ The key is connectivity.”- .

Dr Bob Metcalfe, Ethernet creator

OriginTrail ecosystem technology components have so far helped secure critical information for international trade for some of the largest global corporations and countries, contributing to safer and trusted global supply chains. The growth of the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph (DKG) as expressed in the Total Graph Size, surpassed initial expectations as it now reaches 180 million TGS. Yet, this is just the beginning. With further demand expressed for OriginTrail’s value propositions, we expect the DKG to grow at an accelerated pace, contributing to how both businesses and individuals grow value of any assets through network effects.

The launch of V6 DKG and OriginTrail’s own blockchain layer on Polkadot create a paradigm shift for the OriginTrail ecosystem, as both the existing solutions on the DKG and the new ones to be released receive orders of magnitude scalability boost. Most importantly, the V6 DKG is transforming data to assets, making them discoverable, verifiable and valuable across Web3. Analogous to URLs, OriginTrail v6 achieves this paradigm shift by introducing unique global asset identifiers — Universal Asset Locators (UAL) — as the user-owned form of Web3 URLs for any asset, physical or digital. This enables more users than ever to now publish, claim and maintain an Internet of assets, all whilst strengthening their autonomy in the booming ownership economy. If Google allowed us to discover the world of information, then OriginTrail will give us the ability to discover, verify and supercharge the value of just about any asset we own.

This blogpost sheds light on crucial steps the OriginTrail community will undertake in transforming the Internet as we know it. , we now approach the distribution of the OriginTrail Parachain Token (OTP). OTP will power the Layer 1 blockchain and provide incentives to — OriginTrail Parachain and upcoming DKG V6 layer — and boost network effects throughout the Polkadot ecosystem.

boosting network effects

After months of running the DKG V6 in various test environments, this fundamental Internet layer is going live on several L1s, with a special focus on OriginTrail Parachain as the only DKG-specific blockchain network. Seeing both networks reaching mainnet maturity stage, the adoption potential will increase significantly — likely by the highest margin since the very launch of the OriginTrail network in 2018. As core developers of OriginTrail, we are beyond excited to announce that OriginTrail DKG v6 is scheduled for mainnet release in early August!

Technology adoption will be further catalyzed through community grants, starting with two — one aiming to grow the DKG with metaverse assets, and the other one intended to transform the community-loved OT Hub to correspond to more and to include these leapfrog OriginTrail technology updates.

With these achievements, the OriginTrail ecosystem is entering a new phase — moving from , to the — inspired by our advisor, Dr Bob Metcalfe. Dr Metcalfe is known for the “Metcalfe’s Law of network effects” and the creation of the first ever computer network. In this phase, we seek to foster network effects across Web3 ecosystems and bring billions of assets to the OriginTrail DKG. This new version of the Internet will allow you to organize your assets, making them discoverable, verifiable & valuable, all while staying in control of your future Internet real-estate!



OriginTrail is the Decentralized Knowledge Graph that organizes AI-grade knowledge assets, making them discoverable and verifiable for a sustainable global economy.

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OriginTrail is the Decentralized Knowledge Graph that organizes AI-grade knowledge assets, making them discoverable & verifiable for sustainable global economy.