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OriginTrail v6 bounty program: Help launch the most advanced Decentralized Knowledge Graph yet!

Following the commencement of the launch of version 6 of the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph, as core developers we are excited to announce the v6 bounty program! The program focuses on hardening and verifying the technological readiness of the latest version of the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph (DKG), including verifying a smooth transition from the v5 mainnet network.

The v6 launch process

The launch of OriginTrail v6 is performed in 3 distinct stages (explained further in our previous blog post), verifying various layers and components of the new implementation, including enabling easy migration from v5. With the commencement of stage 1 of the launch, the core developers and community have collaboratively kicked off the process of testing the system in the real, multi-participant network environment, including stress testing, bug collection and performance measurements of all sorts. As of writing this article there have been ~350.000 publishing operations to the v6 testnet, which has so far shown a significant level of resilience and maturity. This initial testing helped resolve several observed issues, however with the bounty program kicking off we intend to shift the launch process into a higher gear and collaboratively ensure v6 is robust and ready for mainnet!

OriginTrail v6 telemetry data collected in Telemetry Hub

How can you participate in the v6 bounty program?

The bounty program is intended to catalyze the efforts of all Tracers joining in with the development and testing activities of OriginTrail v6. To make this process as optimal as possible, the bounty program will be leveraging the v6 node telemetry recordings, which measure node performance on several levels — operational metrics such as the operation duration, success rate and errors, then system performance metrics such as CPU/memory utilization, blockchain interactions etc. As the v6 node records all this information internally, as a community we will be aggregating all of this in the best way possible — by publishing it to the DKG itself.

In order to participate, you will need to run a v6 DKG testnet node and install the Telemetry plugin, which will automatically publish node usage data to the DKG with a set frequency. To monitor the network usage data, we are introducing the Telemetry Hub, a live-metric dashboard implemented in Grafana, which will display aggregated data for inspection by the developers and the community. Finally, the bounty program participants’ contributions will be scored and ranked in a publicly visible scoring table.

All bounty program participants are encouraged to be creative with testing out their v6 nodes as much as possible, as that will generate valuable usage data and improve their ranking/score in the bounty scoreboard. The value of the submitted data will be assessed based on several factors including the quantity, richness, uniqueness of submitted data and submission periods. Apart from node operational data, valuable code submissions (bug fixes, code updates etc.) to the OriginTrail Github repo will also be considered and included.

Bounty rewards: A total bounty pool of 250.000 TRAC will be distributed to participants according to their contributions (position on the scoreboard) by applying a curve function to reward the higher engaged (and ranked) participants. Participants will be identified by their node identifiers.

Bounty program timeline: The bounty program will be active throughout the launch process (all 3 stages), including the first stage of OriginTrail Mainnet moving to v6. The tentative date for bounty program kickoff is January 17.

To apply for the bounty program, head to bountyprogram.origintrail.io and submit your application.

Get ready for the bounty program kickoff!

Interested in participating in the OriginTrail v6 bounty program? To get ready for the program kick off, we suggest you:


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