OriginTrail’s Spring Roadshow: Meet the Team Out on the Road

May 16, 2018 · 4 min read

OriginTrail is hitting the road again! By the invitation of some very reputable organizations, OriginTrail founders will present at high-level events in Asia (Shanghai, Tokyo, Tianjin) and Europe (London, Bled and Ljubljana) in the following weeks. In this blog post, you can find detailed descriptions of the events. OriginTrail team members were invited to take part in these events as panelist and speakers based on their expertise in the field. The company announces only events we participate in, not those we simply attend.

8th Annual Food, Agriculture & Beverage Conference, A Taste of Tomorrow: Innovation in a Changing Market

Shanghai, China

May 23

Presenter: Branimir Rakić, Co-Founder & CTO

We were invited to present at an event organized by AmCham Shanghai. Industry experts will discuss what changing consumer habits mean for the future of China’s food, agriculture and beverage industry. Other conference speakers include representatives from the Coca-Cola Company, Cargill, Starbucks, Mondelez, Deloitte, and others.

Blockchain Shanghai Dev Meetup: Traceability in Food Supply Chains

Shanghai, China

May 23

Presenter: Branimir Rakić, Co-Founder & CTO

Two strong CTOs will present at this developers’ meetup, organized by Bits x Bites. Our Branimir Rakic will explain the distributed technology and logic behind the OriginTrail protocol. He will be joined by Alex Chang, CTO at Yimishiji, a Shanghai-based, farm-to-table e-commerce platform that has launched a pilot project with OriginTrail. The presentation is going to be bi-lingual (in both English and Chinese).

Trace Alliance and GS1 Standards for Supply Chains

Ljubljana, Slovenia [closed-type event]

May 24

OriginTrail’s advisor Mr. John G. Keogh will join the OriginTrail team in Ljubljana. On this occasion, we will organize another event in our Business Talks series, which will include a round table with the local GS1 office and the BTC company to discuss standards for supply chains and present the Trace Alliance to business executives.

Ag-Sum Agritech Summit

Tokyo, Japan

June 11–13

Presenter: Žiga Drev, Co-Founder & COO

OriginTrail was invited to present protocol use cases and blockchain-based pilot projects at the Ag-Sum Agritech Summit. The purpose of the event is to showcase, in a broader sense, solutions for AgriTech and FoodTech. The goal of the event’s organizers is to accelerate solutions to problems the world is facing in the agriculture and food industries. The event is hosted by Nikkei, Inc., and supported by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

10th Global Cold Chain Summit

Tianjin, China

June 14–15

Presenter: Tomaž Levak, Co-Founder & CEO

The China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing is the Chinese national association working on standard advisory, training, workshops, statistics and conferences within the food and cold chain sector. The 10th Global Cold Chain Summit is an international conference featuring speakers and attendees from 20 countries around the globe, and covers topics like food, logistics of food, technological innovations, and food trade. Tomaž will present the innovations of blockchain technology and its application in food traceability. He will be joined by representatives from McDonalds, Starbucks, DHL, General Mills, and many more.

Living Bits & Things

Bled, Slovenia

June 18

Presenter: Branimir Rakić, Co-Founder & CTO

According to Business Insider Intelligence, companies worldwide are planning to invest up to 15 trillion USD into IoT by 2025. Branimir will be a panelist at Future Trends in IoT: Applying blockchain in Industry and Smart solutions or use alternative technologies? panel. It is a special pleasure for us to speak at this conference alongside representatives from companies and organisations such as IBM, GS1, Scheider Electric, ETI Dynamics Ltd, UK. Our advisor Srdjan Krco, CEO and co-founder — DunavNET, will speak at the event as well.

Digital Ship Maritime CIO Forum

London, UK

June 21

Presenter: Tomaž Levak, Co-Founder & CEO

Tomaž Levak will present OriginTrail at The iShipping Revolution, Blockchain: How distributed ledger technology will impact the supply chain world panel at this specialized event for maritime professionals. Andrew Webster, OriginTrail’s Supply Chain Risk Management Advisor, will also join the panel. Companies and organizations such as JLT, BP, Digital Ship, Marlink, Thales, Telenor, Mespas, NSS Global, Marine traffic, Wista International, IPCSA- International Port Community Systems Association, The Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, UK Major Ports Group, WISTA UK will investigate how they can measure the impact of digital business and harness the benefits of new technologies to improve performance — from ship, to shore, to delivery, in shipping and the related transportation and supply chain infrastructure.

Alongside these events, our team plans to make as many meetings with interested parties as possible. We will keep you in the loop with how the roadshow is progressing, and share photos and news on our Twitter and Medium. While out on the road, we will host plenty exciting and insightful meet & greets with our community of Tracers. Stay tuned and join us at one of our stops!

Trace on! #springroadshow

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OriginTrail is an ecosystem dedicated to making supply chains work together since 2011, contributing to a more transparent, fair, and trusted global supply chain.


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OriginTrail is Enabling Businesses to Speak the Same Language with Integrity


OriginTrail is an ecosystem dedicated to making supply chains work together since 2011, contributing to a more transparent, fair, and trusted global supply chain.

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