OriginTrail’s Top Ambassadors Week 1 Results: Simon 🇦🇹, Davis 🇺🇸, and Martin 🇸🇮

[This bounty program is now finished. Thank you for your support!]

The results of our ambassador program week#1 are in 🎉. Our team could not be happier with all the support and goodwill that we are getting from our community. If you are following us on social media and Telegram, you must have come across their names in the past week. Meet three amazing Tracers who have been nurturing our community and spreading the word about OriginTrail most successfully in term of community growth.

We would like to thank all our community (over 100 members) who participated in this program. We all win when more people learn about OriginTrail and support us.

Announcing the winners #week1

1st place 🏆 5,000 tokens: Simon

If you are on OriginTrail Telegram channel, you must know Simon — “LittleHero”. He is one of the most active community members. We met Simon in Vienna, when HeroCoin, the first Austrian ICO invited us to present OriginTrail at their meetup. Simon liked our mission and ever since he has been one of the most engaged community members. Besides his kick-ass Telegram skills, Simon also did plenty sharing on Twitter and Facebook. Simon, you are simply the best!

2nd place 🥈 2,000 tokens Davis

Davis is a co-founder of Eazl, a global education company incorporated in Chicago. He is a creator of several best-selling courses on Udemy. Tens of thousands of students are learning business skills, which will progress their careers with Eazl- what an astonishing platform. Davis helped us spread the word with by sharing our community reward program with his network. He also included OriginTrail in his YouTube and Facebook weekly Brainboost video. Davis, we are proud to have you onboard.

3rd place 🥉 1,000 tokens Martin

Martin is a co-founder of Bluejay technology Inc., which specializes in AI, chatbots, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies. Having a developer background and savvy business entrepreneur, Martin is one of the most recognized crypto community members in Slovenia (or we may say, family). Martin endorsed OriginTrail on Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook in the last week to increase brand awareness and signups via our webpage. Martin, keep the good stuff coming, we are grateful for your support.

To all participants who have not made into top 3, but also participated with spreading the good word about the project, our comm team will send the email how many tokens did you get and how you’ll get them.

🏁 Week #2 Competition starts today

Last week a lot of community members pinged us that they would like to create content outside the automated sharing. We have two meetups lined up, a couple of video reviews and dozens of blogposts.

We will still distribute 22,100 TRAC tokens each week to the first 100 Ambassadors from the Leaderboard.

1st place 🏆 5,000 tokens
2nd place 🥈 2,000 tokens
3rd place 🥉 1,000 tokens
4th–25th place 💎 300 tokens
26th–100th place 🔑 100 tokens
Submit your application to OriginTrail Ambassadors Program here.

We will send you further instructions on how to submit the proof of your contributions once you do that.

We encourage you to share quality posts about OriginTrail on your channels. We will score them according to the number of posts and the number of interactions.

SCORE= 0.5* No. of posts + 0.2 * No. of followers/friends (1=below 500; 2= above 500) + 0.3 * quality of content (1=generic content; 2=personal insight).

If you spread the message on more channels, we will use the sum of all scores.

If you have blog posts, LinkedIn posts, YouTube reviews or meetups in mind, we will reward your efforts with fixed reward — however, the placement must be pre-approved:

👥 Meetup (5000 TRAC tokens or 200 tokens for an attendee)
📹 Video content (2000 TRAC tokens)
📄 Blog posts (1000 TRAC tokens)

Please ping us on Telegram or office@origin-trail.com to arrange these placements and get the support of our communications team to help you prepare the content if needed.

Let the week #2 begin. Due to the holidays, it will last a few days more — until next Sunday, January 7th. Huge kudos to all the participants in our ambassador programs.

Trace on!


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