Q&A with the Open Call Projects

Here is how the projects plan to use the ODN, what products they will trace, and more!

The Open Call vote is taking place next week! In the days leading up to the vote, we wanted to enable the OriginTrail community members, who will have the final say on which projects deserve to win, to ask questions about anything they want.

We sent questions we collected to the projects, offering them an additional opportunity to present themselves to the OriginTrail community. They answered the following questions:

  • How will you interact with the OriginTrail Decentralized Network (ODN)?
  • Which product will you be tracing?
  • Which stage of development are you at?
  • Why did you apply to OriginTrail’s Open Call?
  • What is the main benefit of blockchain technology for your business?

Some teams also received additional questions, specific to their project.

Full, unedited answers have been published on OriginTrail’s subreddit.

Explore the answers the teams gave

A Variety of High-Potential Projects and Various Use Cases

You can really get a clear understanding of the potential of the OriginTrail protocol from the projects’ answers. The projects are thinking about APIs, connections with their ERP systems, how they will operate nodes, and how they will onboard their suppliers.

Their answers offer great insight into how they are planning to utilize the OriginTrail Decentralized Network to ensure traceability on their products and data integrity across their supply chains. Some provided diagrams, too.

The variety of products, and even services, to be traced is wide and encompasses the food safety, aviation, clothing, and document tracing sectors, and so much more. Some are also elaborating, for example, on how to utilize OriginTrail’s zero-knowledge proof solution.

Explore the answers the teams gave

Register to vote by Monday, January 21st!

Which projects will deserve your vote? Everyone holding at least 1000 TRAC will have the opportunity to assign points to three projects.

The voting will take place via smart contract. You need to register in advance to vote. You can do so by January 21st. Register here with either your ETH wallet or ERC-725 identity!

Voting is also an opportunity to win one of many prizes, including the first blockchain smartphone Exodus 1.

For more details about the Open Call voting, please read this blog post.

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