The Trace Alliance Website — A Meeting Place for Future Blockchain Projects

The Trace Alliance, a non-profit association which connects businesses, technology companies, the public sector and academics in the field of blockchain research and practical solutions for supply chains, got its brand new website earlier this week. You can visit it at

The Trace Alliance was established by OriginTrail as a collaborative hub to connect all organizations aiming to work together to solve complex supply chain challenges using blockchain technology. Examples of the challenges the alliance intents to tackle include data interoperability, securing product visibility and fighting counterfeit practices. The Trace Alliance acts as a unique platform for sharing knowledge and experience from real-world blockchain implementations, connecting with other members, creating new expertise, and facilitating the adoption of blockchain technology on a global level.

More than 35 companies from all over the world have already joined the alliance to explore possibilities of using blockchain technology in their business environment, and more organizations already applied for membership now that they can do it directly through the website. Joining the Trace Alliance brings companies closer to using the OriginTrail blockchain protocol for data exchange in their supply chain by connecting with a global network of software development and implementation partners. Existing members of the Trace Alliance include Deloitte, TMA Solutions, Gijima, T-Provenance, Oregon Tilth, TE-FOOD, BTC Logistics Centre, and more enterprises and service providers.

You can browse all the current members and learn more about them on the Members page.

By joining the alliance, members will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to new academic research papers;
  • Access to knowledge resources;
  • Direct access to use cases;
  • Access to new releases of technologies and solutions;
  • Co-creation of a blockchain environment for supply chains and beyond;
  • Enhanced visibility at Trace Alliance events.

Chairman of the Trace Alliance, John G. Keogh, also prepared a welcome message for the website:

A Platform to Facilitate Adoption

“Any organization that wants to explore the possibilities of the blockchain to enhance transparency and trust is welcome to join the Trace Alliance. It enables access to the world’s leading experts and forward-thinking companies, working together on the global issues to create more efficient and transparent supply chains for the 21st century — to benefit both consumers and businesses. The Trace Alliance is an ecosystem as well as the platform that will facilitate the adoption of the OriginTrail protocol,” said John G. Keogh, Chairman of the Trace Alliance. John G. Keogh is a strategist, advisor, practitioner and researcher with over 30 years of industry experience, including executive roles at the GS1 organization.

Tomaž Levak, Co-Founder & CEO of OriginTrail is looking forward to welcoming research institutions, such as universities, as well as software companies in the Trace Alliance. “We are thrilled by the increased interest in the adoption of the OriginTrail protocol from companies around the world. The Trace Alliance was created out of the clear need to exchange information, experience and expertise in this quickly evolving field. Data integrity in global supply chains is essential for establishing trust and accountability, as well as for the differentiation of quality products on the market. OriginTrail enables enterprises to securely perform consensus checks with their suppliers and other stakeholders, and build powerful applications for supply chains of the future,” said Levak.

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The Trace Alliance is open for membership for enterprises, service providers, developers, and researchers — with no membership fees. If you are interested in joining the Trace Alliance, you can apply with a couple of clicks here and our team will soon be in touch to onboard you.

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