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Towards Inclusiveness and Industry-Led Governance

Next Stage for the Trace Alliance

Trace Alliance is taking on a new challenge in the following months, transitioning towards becoming a formally established non-profit organisation. It will continue on its path to ensure product integrity in all stages of the product life cycle. As an industry-led organisation, it will serve as a unified voice to contribute to the governance of relevant ecosystems — OriginTrail, Ethereum, Hyperledger and others. We are happy to announce a new Interim Chairman and General Secretary who will ensure the foundation of the new phase is properly set.

Trace Alliance’s mission is to advance the state-of-the-art when it comes to visibility in supply chains, leading to the increased transparency and greater integrity of any product. With a collaborative approach, it looks to support value-adding implementations of decentralised ledger technologies (DLT) and provide guidance for technology builders by stressing key bottlenecks that should be overcome to enable greater adoption of new technologies in the enterprise world.

Trace Alliance is a partnership consortium and a knowledge hub that intends to continue bringing together various organisations. By introducing a new organisational structure in the next few months, members will be extended the opportunity to get more involved in the governance of the Trace Alliance and its activities. The backbone of the new structure will be the General Assembly of all members, the expanded Steering Committee with an operational focus, and the presiding Chairman and General Secretary with the admin team. The exact responsibilities of each are to be defined in the transitional period.

More Activities for the Members

Increasing the number of activities for members by hosting webinars, knowledge exchanges, workshops, events, and similar projects, is another focus for the following months. Access to the different activities and resources will be tied to membership tiers, which will be introduced by the end of the interim term.

All members will also be invited to create their own content and utilise the platform of Trace Alliance to educate and share updates about their products, services and experiences.

Lastly, Trace Alliance seeks to leverage the fact that is has become a powerful consortium towards providing hands-on input for implementing distributed ledger technologies. By having a stronger united voice, companies can have more impact in the ecosystems they find relevant.

Getting to the Next Stage

Putting everything together for the next phase of Trace Alliance is an important project that deserves preparation and transition time. To establish everything needed for the new framework, we are introducing interim Trace Alliance leadership.

The Interim Chairman, as selected by the current Steering Committee, will be Andrej Muževič, a long-time advisor to the OriginTrail project. He has years of experience in consulting on business strategy to start-ups and corporations alike, focusing on market access, pricing, international business development and strategic partnerships. Larger projects that he was involved with include complex supply chain integration in medical and aerospace sectors. He founded and supported several successful organisations in the business consulting, IT (including blockchain), medical device production, renewable energy and agricultural (wine) sectors. He is an active participant in the Ethereum community, focusing on the issues of decentralised governance. As the Interim Chairman of the Trace Alliance, Andrej will represent it to various stakeholders and facilitate the expansion of the Steering Committee towards diverse representation.

Andrej’s mission during his interim term will be to further craft the value propositions of Trace Alliance, reflecting the actual needs of broader stakeholder groups. This includes advancing Trace Alliance and the OriginTrail ecosystem towards stronger collaborations with other ecosystems.

“I look forward to doing my best to support the development of an inclusive, knowledge-sharing environment, bringing us a step closer towards a decentralized future,” said Andrej Muževič.

Ana Bevc will take over as Interim General Secretary. She will facilitate the creation of the legal framework and the formal establishment of the Trace Alliance, which is planned to be registered as a cooperative in the European Union.

The interim phase is expected to last between 6 and 9 months, effective from September 14th.

We are excited to send Trace Alliance on a new path and look forward to the first results.

Trace on!

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