Trace Alliance Now Has More Than 50 Members

The Trace Alliance — a collaborative hub of companies, organizations, individuals, and institutions — was initiated by OriginTrail with the aim of facilitating the adoption of blockchain technologies in global supply chains. Since the public launch of activities in July, a stream of new membership applications has been rising constantly.

Our goal, outlined in our roadmap, was to pass the 50-member milestone by the end of Q3, and we did it! 💪 It is not just about the number, however. Each member brings a new perspective and experience to the alliance, making it a truly versatile and collaborative hub. The mission is to work to tackle supply chain challenges in various industries using the blockchain and OriginTrail protocol.

Meet The New Trace Alliance Members

Hiddenstitch (Fashion) — Hiddenstitch offers personalised production sourcing and professional technical support for fashion startups and independent designers looking for quality, reliable product development and manufacturing.

Arenoso Farms (Agriculture) — Arenoso Farms grows herbs, fruits and vegetables in Corrales New Mexico at Steiner Field, and are proud to be certified naturally grown.

Genesis Block Africa (Cross Sector) — Genesis Block Africa partners with companies from the public and private sectors, consulting, sourcing, supplying and managing a full range of distributed ledger technology solutions.

Transparent Path (Food, Beauty, Pharmaceuticals and Cannabis) — Transparent Path is a management consultancy dedicated to brand transparency and consumer trust-building, advising brands on how to become more trustworthy and transparent.

MedicoHealth (Medical Industry) — The MedicoHealth blockchain-based project is designed to improve the fragmented healthcare system. The MedicoHealth platform allows for fully anonymous and safe client communication with the world’s leading physicians.

ASN — ISTMOS Tech (Cold Chain Monitoring) — ISTMOS is an IoT platform allowing stakeholders involved in the bottled wine supply chain to monitor the critical parameters that affect product quality during storage and transportation.

Pragmatic DLT (Supply Chains, Fintech) — Pragmatic DLT enables businesses to test and launch ideas on the blockchain.

Reterms (Retail) — Reterms is comprised of industry experts and advisors within the retailer and supplier channel. Their commercial use case is focused on simplifying complex grocery trading terms and feeding a settlement portal for further efficiencies.

Consomethic (Risk Management in Food Supply Chains) — Consomethic is specialized in providing guidance on data management, clarification of concepts and tools, due diligence tools, and deployment issues.

There is a lot going on for members! In the past month, we hosted the first exclusive webinar for the Trace Alliance members and held an Ask Me Anything (AMA) in the Trace Alliance LinkedIn Group with the chairman of Trace Alliance John G. Keogh. Our development team has also started onboarding developers to the Trace Alliance. We also created a members-only newsletter, opportunities for networking, and so much more.


About the Trace Alliance

The Trace Alliance is a non-profit association initiated by OriginTrail as a collaborative hub to connect all organizations aiming to work together to solve complex supply chain challenges using blockchain technology. Examples of the challenges the alliance intends to tackle include data interoperability, securing product visibility and fighting counterfeit practices. The Trace Alliance acts as a unique platform for sharing knowledge and experience from real-world blockchain implementations, connecting with other members, creating new expertise, and facilitating the adoption of blockchain technology and the OriginTrail protocol on a global level.

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