Trace Labs and OneAgrix Launch Blockchain-Based Halal Certification System

May 30, 2019 · 3 min read

Halal producers and certification bodies can now use a blockchain-based system to build trust with the consumers. OneAgrix, a Singapore-based online marketplace for halal products, has implemented a system built by Trace Labs that enables consumers to check the provenance of any products, including its halal certifications.

With the number of halal consumers worldwide already at 2 billion, ensuring the integrity of halal certifications is becoming increasingly important. Fake and out-of-date halal certificates present a problem for the industry across the world. To be sure of the integrity of the certifications, the newly implemented system tracks them with the help of blockchain technology.

A live demo is already tracking halal-certified poultry, with the certification issued by the Islamic Community of Slovenia.

Žiga Drev, Founder of Trace Labs, said: “At Trace Labs, we are committed to connecting the dots in global value chains and securing data with the help of the blockchain technology. Network Operating System (nOS), powered by the OriginTrail protocol, enables both producers and certification bodies to collaborate and set up trusted networks. The integration with the OneAgrix platform brings nOS and the benefits of the blockchain closer to stakeholders within halal supply chains around the world.”

Diana Sabrain, Founder of OneAgrix, said: “With higher awareness due to connectivity, more Muslim consumers demand to know where their foods come from and how genuinely halal they are. This launch sets a new benchmark in the halal supply chain. Whilst already engaged with a number of European halal stakeholders, we urge halal stakeholders from all over the world to also come on board the OneAgrix platform to benefit the halal eco-system.”

Producers of halal products and halal certification bodies can already start using the solution by joining the OneAgrix marketplace. Network Operating System (nOS) from Trace Labs is available to all organizations for extracting actionable knowledge out of data that is scattered across their business networks.

About Trace Labs

Trace Labs is a Hong Kong-based company with a mission to facilitate cross-organizational data exchange in global supply chains and corporate environments. It is a core development company of the OriginTrail protocol. Trace Labs is bringing blockchain and distributed ledger technologies to concrete business cases through education, consulting, and implementation of value-driven applications.

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About OneAgrix

OneAgrix is an online B2B marketplace that helps halal-centric businesses find halal certified and compliant Food, Agricultural and Nutraceutical products, suppliers, and quotes all in one place. We started the company because we are passionate about using technology to make halal sourcing more efficient. We strive to make business owners’ and buyers’ lives easier. We’re a secure platform for managing your halal business purchases and supplier relationships, a trusted source of information, and a community.

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