Whitelist commitments surpassed hardcap goal

Dear Tracers,

First off, Happy New Year! Hope all of you had a nice celebration and are excited about 2018, the year of Trace.

Things have been moving with great speed in the last couple of days with whitelist commitments and the process around it so we prepared a short overview below.

Whitelist commitments surpassed presale hardcap goal

The aggregate number of commitments for the whitelist with confirmed KYCs has grossly surpassed the presale hardcap of $10MM (according to the current ETH:USD exchange rate).

For everyone interested in taking part in the presale we still recommend to apply for whitelisting to give you a chance to be a part of the group that will have 24 hours to execute their commitments and claim 20% discount (final list will be made after ETH:TRAC peg is set).

Moreover, applying for whitelist as soon as possible is also highly advised to have fair chances of being listed for the crowdsale. Our KYC process is thorough and it might take some time before you get through the checks. Same KYC process is carried out for both, presale and crowdsale participation.

Bottom-line, make sure to get yourself whitelisted for crowdsale and have a chance to get Trace tokens at $0.10.


Whitelist and presale mechanics

You are able to follow your KYC process through the dashboard. You got your login information provided by e-mail at registration. If you haven’t received it, please let us know here or shoot an email at office@origin-trail.com.

It is important that you login and set your password once you receive it as this is a confirmation that you will be able to take part in the tokensale. If you do not log in, you will not be eligible to whitelist for the 1st group of presale.

As mentioned above, final list of addresses that made it to the 1st group of whitelist for presale contributions in first 24hrs will be done at the same time as the ETH-TRAC pegging, which will occur latest on 14th of January. We will whitelist all addresses with commitments of 5 ETH or more that will together amount to $10MM hardcap based on the timestamp of their KYC applications. All accounts whitelisted for presale will receive confirmation emails to their inbox. You will be able to contribute up to the commitment you have specified in the dashboard. Adjust your commitments as soon as possible as we will close this possibility on the 10th of January.

On January 15th (starting 15:00 UTC), first group of whitelisted addresses will be given 24 hours to execute their contributions. After 24 hours have passed, all accounts that passed KYC will be added to the whitelist following the order of timestamps when KYC applications were received. We estimate the entire process will take a couple of hours (depending on the number of KYC-ed addresses).

Any left-over presale tokens will be available for contributions over the threshold of 5 ETH. Once $10MM contributions target is met (or 29th of January latest), crowdsale will continue with token value of $0.10.

After the first 24 hours of presale, all contributions are following the first-come first-served principle.

OriginTrail Token Sale Timeline and Key Dates

Thank you for being an awesome group and as always, we are available on Telegram for any additional questions.

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