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Kirill Ezhemensky, CTO

“The most creative part of my job is finding a balance between technology and business.”

Fill us in — what exactly do you do at Ornament?

My main task is to constantly improve our products and services from a technical point of view. I constantly have my finger on the pulse, studying metrics, analyzing data, and understanding what needs an update or change and when. I have a lot of experience, so sometimes my instincts work even better than the technical means.

Where did you work before and why did you choose Ornament now?

I’ve worked in a wide variety of companies, stacks, and environments. I was attracted to Ornament because it’s a product that brings real value to real people, and it’s a unique service at the cutting edge of technology.

Do you consider yourself a team player, or is it easier for you to be on your own?

More like a team player. It’s easier for me to spend time, teach employees, and set an example, then divide the responsibility among everyone.

In terms of your job, what was the hardest part of the pandemic?

Nothing particularly changed in my work, especially since I was on a remote job for just a couple of weeks. Although, to be honest, I find it easier to work from home. I don’t have to think about everyday things like what to wear or where to eat. Nothing distracts me. So the pandemic hasn’t affected my work, which is an absolute plus.\

When you started working at Ornament, did you encounter anything fundamentally new?

An interesting and new way of internally measuring our software quality. We use statistical analysis of software quality. I can’t reveal all the inner workings, but I want to say that many of Ornament’s processes are built in a non-standard way. There is an opportunity not only to apply previously accumulated knowledge, but also to experiment, evolve, and use fundamentally new approaches.

Do you consider your work to be creative?

Certainly. First of all, workshopping activities between teams are arranged to have almost no strict regulations, making room for new ideas and approaches. And the most creative part of my work is the search for a balance between technology and business.

What is the most valuable part of working at Ornament?

It’s hard to choose one. There are many advantages. There are my colleagues, there are working on the newest technologies. And, of course, the openness of the company, the understanding of what we are going for and how we are getting there.

Do you use the app yourself?

You can’t understand how good or bad a product is if you don’t use it. Besides, Ornament is not just an app — it’s an ideology, a way of life. My colleagues and I regularly take tests and, of course, use the app to keep track of changes. It is especially gratifying to see how the biomarker chart changes for the better.



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