Ornament Invests in a Personalized Nutrition Platform Building Project

In a new investment round, British startup Vitl received 6.2 million pounds in funding for its personalized nutritional supplements. Ornament Health AG was the lead investor in this round.

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2 min readFeb 17, 2022


Ornament Health AG

The Vitl brand, founded in 2015 by entrepreneur Jonathan Relf, offers an easy and convenient way to understand and improve one’s health through specially designed supplements. All supplements are individually created for each customer based on blood and DNA testing. Vitl has a strong retail position in the U.K. and Ireland and is available worldwide, including the U.S. and Australia.

Collaboration between Ornament Health AG and Vitl is no coincidence. A personalized approach to each user has been a priority throughout the development of the Ornament app. One of the application’s main features is a vitamin panel that allows users to control and adjust their vitamin status. In addition, Ornament Health AG has already implemented a pilot project to sell Swiss-made personalized vitamins. Now, the service is preparing to launch on the Russian market.

Snezhana Gurina, CEO of Ornament Health AG:

“Ornament is based on the ideologies of preventative medicine and individualized approach for each user. These principles are similar to those on which Vitl is based. For that reason, we are happy to contribute to the brand’s development and promote it in new markets.”

Vitl will use the investment to further expand its brand retail presence, develop a strategy to enter new markets, and implement a new marketing strategy.

Jonathan Relph, founders, and CEO of Vitl:

“The pandemic reminded us all how important our health is and with our personalized products, on-the-shelf range and at-home tests, we hope to help even more people optimize and personalize their nutrition.”

Vitl is a leading next-generation nutrition brand that includes a personalized vitamin service. The platform’s team includes physicians, geneticists, biomedical experts, scientists, and nutritional experts from leading scientific organizations around the world.