YAP Global is a proud member of Orochi DAO at Devcon5

Samantha Yap
Oct 2, 2019 · 4 min read

We’re thrilled to share that YAP Global is a genesis member of Orochi DAO!

We’ll be heading to Devcon5 and Osaka Blockchain Week to meet with interesting projects and chat about PR. Our mission is to bridge the communication gap between this exciting emerging crypto industry and mainstream media.

As part of our mission, we’re hosting a talk and networking drinks with MEW (MyEtherWallet) on “Navigating the Crypto Industry” together.

A bit about Orochi DAO

Orochi DAO is a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO), which manages event sponsorship. It enables organisations and individuals to pool sponsorship funds on the blockchain and make decisions on how to spend it through a voting mechanism. It is a fork of Moloch DAO which was created to fund ETH 2.0 projects and famously collected over ETH 7000 from well known Ethereum community members.

What we do

YAP Global is an international PR firm with a focus on helping blockchain and cryptocurrency tell their story on the global stage. Clients we work with include CoinDesk, MEW (MyEtherWallet), DeversiFi, Zcoin, Band Protocol and more.

As PR professionals, we spend a lot of time immersing ourselves in learning about blockchain the technology and understanding our clients’ projects, so that we can better communicate this complex world to journalists who write for a broader mainstream audience.

Why we joined Orochi DAO

We joined Orochi DAO because we like to practice what we preach. As the Decentralised Finance (DeFi) world continues to develop, we know we’re going to be spending more time explaining this technology to the media. But we can’t explain this technology well if we don’t interact with it. So here we are learning how a DAO can be used to plan events.

Another reason we joined is because Makoto sold it really well to me at Berlin Blockchain Week. The creative back story about “Yamata no Orochi” and with Osaka, Japan as the backdrop of Devcon5 is something you can’t miss being a part of!

Impressions of Orochi DAO so far…

I have a confession to make: I haven’t actually bought DAI or swapped my ETH via Uniswap.io before until I had to join Orochi DAO. I’m glad it forced me to. Joining Orochi DAO has been nothing short of an informative and educational experience above everything else.

It’s quite amazing that more than 10 companies, who don’t exactly know each other, pooled their funds together on the blockchain with a unified goal of sponsoring or holding events at Osaka Blockchain Week. No one person can do the same with so many partners at such a short amount of time. I do think that the trustless nature of the blockchain has enabled this to happen.

Our plans for Osaka Blockchain Week and Devcon5

We’re excited to meet with the cryptocurrency developer community on the ground in Osaka. YAP Global is helping Orochi DAO with PR and we hope that this will motivate projects in the space to start thinking about how they can better tell their stories to the media.

If the cryptocurrency industry want adoption and to stay relevant in the world, it’s going to have to pay more attention to how they communicate their projects to people.

The true story behind Orochi DAO

Yamata no Orochi”, (八岐大蛇 (ヤマタノオロチ), “8-branched giant snake”) or Orochi (大蛇), is a legendary 8-headed and 8-tailed dragon. It appeared in two Japanese mythology texts written in AD 720.

After expulsion from Heaven, Susano o (one of the gods) passed by a village where a few gods were weeping because they were forced to give the Orochi one of their daughters every year for seven years, and now they must sacrifice their eighth, Kushi-inada princess.

To combat the Orochi, Susano o ordered the parents to prepare lots of Sake and cut the head off when the Orochi got super drunk.

We named our DAO as Orochi DAO partly due to the weak link to the self-sacrifice Moloch has.

We also picked the 8-headed and 8-tailed dragon hoping that our sponsorship DAO initiatives stems to benefit many other events to make entire DevCon5 sub-events successful as a whole.

Now join us as we party like the year AD 720!

It’s not too late to join! If you’re interested in finding out about the Orochi DAO please contact: makoto@kickback.events

If you want to meet and get a better understanding of how you can better PR your project, book in a catch up with us by emailing me here: samantha@yapglobal.com

Or come to our event…

Orochi DAO

Party like AD720, sponsorship as a DAO for devcon5 side events

Samantha Yap

Written by

Founder & Director of YAP Global (Yapglobal.com). Journalist at heart. Previously @channelnewsasia.

Orochi DAO

Party like AD720, sponsorship as a DAO for devcon5 side events

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