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10 Amazing “About” Page Examples That You Must See

Garden Eight

Visitors mostly feel bored with the “about” page since, unfortunately, many websites don’t give effort to it and consider it a secondary page. In contrast, visitors are curious to see the “about” page, so it should reflect the brand’s style, catch eyes, and creatively provide all the needed information.

We have prepared a list of the world’s top websites with great examples of the “about” page. So let’s get you inspired.

1. Decor Systems

Decor Systems

By NightjarStudio from Australia.


Animation Business & Corporate Clean E-Commerce GSAP Animation Real Estate UI design

2. Arctos


By Arctos from USA.


Animation Clean Design Agencies E-Commerce Graphic design Minimal Responsive Design Technology UI design Web & Interactive

3. Garden Eight

Garden Eight

By Garden Eight from Japan.


3D Animation Business & Corporate Design Agencies Portfolio Three.js Web & Interactive

4. MILL3


By MILL3 from Canada.


Animation Design Agencies Portfolio Typography Web & Interactive

5. Total Property Network

Total Property Network

By baqemono.inc. from Japan.


3D Business & Corporate GSAP Animation Minimal Three.js Typography

6. Vibor


By Studio Sentempo from Italy.


3D Business & Corporate Clean

7. Delta Millworks

Delta Millworks

By Eye Like Design from USA.


Business & Corporate Clean Graphic design Responsive Design

8. Reflexion


By Design In DC from USA.


Animation CSS3 Graphic design HTML5 Responsive Design Startups Storytelling Technology Web & Interactive Wordpress

9. Studio Vi

Studio Vi

By Studio Vi from Netherlands.


Clean Minimal Responsive Design Technology Transitions UI design Web & Interactive Wordpress

10. Yellow Telescope

Yellow Telescope

By Likely Story from UK.


Business & Corporate CSS3 Graphic design GSAP Animation HTML5 Transitions Wordpress

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