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Orpetron Web Design Awards Winner Sites in May

Orpetron Web Design Awards continues searching for outstanding sites to create awareness about contemporary design and to honor websites and site creators that have chartered new directions for innovation and create competitive inspirations between websites in the world.

We are honored to present the top sites in May that have won the highest score by the Orpetron-WDA jury.

Site Of The Month Winners

1- Niika


Niika by Niika from Australia.


Our very own studio page! We wanted to go all out on our own company site and really show off some of the different techniques we’re loving at the moment, we hope you like.

2- Future London Academy

Future London Academy

Future London Academy by Future London Academy from United Kingdom.


All about playing with type, featuring an array of kinetic typography, type illusions and animations through the power of code to represent energy and a ‘future-facing’ mentality.

3- Vladislav Vovk

Vladislav Vovk

Vladislav Vovk by Vladislav Vovk from Australia.


My portfolio. v01 | Spheres

Orpetron Site Of The Day Winners

Orpetron Site Of The Day

1- At Glacier’s End by Harley Oliver from Canada.

2- Tubik Studio by Tubik Studio from Ukraine.

3- Serco Point Web by Serco — Point Web from France.

4- Treasure Trekkers by Guðmundur R Einarsson from Iceland.

5- Friday`s Games by Atwinta Digital Agency from Russian Federation.

6- Dunderville by Superhero Cheesecake from United States.

7- Martin Laxenaire ’21 Portfolio by Martin Laxenaire from France.

8- Life in Vogue by MONOGRID from Italy.

9- The Unofficial Z Collection by Fine from United States.

10- ESE Media by ESE Media from Swaziland.

11- Rib Rack by Athlon from United Kingdom.

12- Argeta by CNJ Digital from Slovenia.

13- Alex Coven by Alex Coven from United States.

14- Animat by Kreatik from Poland.

15- Sarofsky by Roger Darnell from United States.

16- Jordy Arntz Portfolio by Jordy Arntz from Netherlands.

17- Gonzalo Miranda by Sömestr Studio from Turkey.

18- Everland by EVERLAND from Denmark.

19- Mirato by Maibru from Netherlands.

20- Fuoripista by We-Go from Italy.

21- Rex Motor Company by DotPerformance from Isle of Man.

22- Bombay Design Centre by Bombay Design Centre from India.

23- Dave Bixler Portfolio by Dave Bixler from United States.



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Orpetron Web Design Awards Team

Orpetron Web Design Awards Team


Orpetron is a web design awards platform that honors the best designers, developers, studios, and agencies who innovate and inspire the web design world