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Orpetron Web Design Awards Winner Sites (Mar 1–8)

Orpetron Web Design Awards continues searching for outstanding sites to create awareness about contemporary design and to honor websites and site creators that have chartered new directions for innovation and create competitive inspirations between websites in the world.

We are honored to present the top sites between (Mar 1 – 8) that have won the highest score by the Orpetron-WDA jury.

Site Of The Day Winners

Mar 1

La Charte AHK Productions

La Charte AHK Productions by Matthieu Leclerc from France.


Mini colorful website, presenting the corporate charter of AHK Productions, manufacturer of customized advertising objects since 1994.

Mar 2

Plastic Website

Plastic Website by Plastic. from Spain.


Plastic Website and branding. A UX design agency, creating remarkable digital products and services since 2012.

Mar 3


Creano by Creano from France.


We are a digital craft studio. We provide tailor-made digital solutions.

Mar 4

The Laughing Cow

The Laughing Cow by Bonfire Red from the United States.


Spread it. Dunk it. Dip it. The new Laughing Cow website showcases their new brand universe, shares unconventional snack inspiration, and connects consumers with local retailers.

Mar 5


Fossula by Plus X fromy Korea, Republic of.


The brand website of ‘fossula’ is designed to show its products in convincing ways with flowing interactions and overwhelming images of the products.

Mar 6


Morphic by Morphic from the United States.


Website-as-a-Service. Agency-quality websites tailored specifically for your business at a fraction of the cost and time.

Mar 8

Riangle Creative Technologists

Riangle Creative Technologists by Luan Gjokaj from Switzerland.


This is the third iteration of our portfolio. We are Riangle. We create award-winning brands and strategically designed experiences for the specifically digitally driven world.

Orpetron Web Design Appreciation Winners

Orpetron Web Design Appreciation

1- Fahrenheit Marketing by Fahrenheit Marketing from the United States.

2- Salt & Pepper by Salt & Pepper from Russian Federation.

3- Artistsweb by Artistsweb from the United States.

4- HAUS by HAUS from the United States.

5- Build Redux by Zyber from New Zealand.

6- Ferox Advanced Vehicles by Humaan from Australia.

7- Robe Transferable Engine by KHS from Czech Republic.

8- Hilton & Hyland by luxury Presence from the United States.

9- Forge Creative by Forge Creative from New Zealand.

10- Austella by happy2hostltd from United Kingdom.

11- World Champion Amsterdam by Ronin Amsterdam from Netherlands.

12- Mercedes — Repair & Reconnect by Egotribe from Netherlands.

13- Matteo Zanga by Adok Studio from Italy.

14- MyPayNow by 40/40 Creative from Austria.




Orpetron Web Design Awards is a platform that highlights and promotes the world’s top websites and honors the best designers, developers, studios, and agencies who boost the web design world.

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Orpetron Web Design Awards Team

Orpetron Web Design Awards Team

Orpetron-WDA is a web design awards platform that honors the best designers, developers, studios, and agencies who innovate and inspire the web design world

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