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Orpetron Web Design Awards Winner Sites (Oct 22–28)

Orpetron Site Of The Day

Orpetron Web Design Awards continues searching for outstanding sites to create awareness about contemporary design and to honor websites and site creators that have chartered new directions for innovation and create competitive inspirations between websites in the world.

We are honored to present the top sites between (Oct 22–28) that have won the highest score by the Orpetron-WDA jury.

Site Of The Day Winners

Oct 22


Bermat by AQuest from Italy.


Bermat is a manufacturer of two-seater sports cars fully customizable online in design and performance, conceived to stand out on the track and on the road.

Oct 23

Duall Studio

Duall Studio by Duall Studio from Portugal.


Website of Duall Studio, a Portuguese based studio, creating amazing digital experiences.

Oct 24


Portinari by De Barbaren from Belgium.


This luxurious but airy website mirrors Hotel Portinari’s interior perfectly, designed with a subtle mix of classic luxury and a modern atmosphere. A breath of fresh air in Bruges.

Oct 25

Pchico’s Website

Pchico’s Website by Pablo Chico from Spain.


Pchico is a Visual and Interaction designer from Santander specialized in branding, UI design, Interaction design, and creative processes. Right now working at Hanzo Studio.

Oct 26

Jesse Zoutewelle Portfolio

Jesse Zoutewelle Portfolio by Jesse Zoutewelle from Netherlands.



Oct 27

A Tiny Adventure

A Tiny Adventure by Nebula Design from France.


Take part in Gus’ tiny adventure.

Oct 28

Alan Menken

Alan Menken by Hello Monday from the USA.


Legendary composer Alan Menken has created some of the most beloved songs & musical scores of our time, capturing the imagination of audiences for over 35 years.

Orpetron Web Design Appreciation Winners

Orpetron Web Design Appreciation

1- Blab Studio by Blab from Italy.

2- ClearPods by NovaTail from Morocco.

3- Lunar by Lunar from Belgium.

4- Drommel Furniture by OSOM Agency from Ukraine.

5- Adam Church by Fhoke from United Kingdom.

6- VanMoof: S3 & X3 by Resn from New Zealand

7- Texier Et Soulas by Antoine Laly from France.

8- Designmodo by Designmodo from the Spain.

9- Tweener by Wokine from France.



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