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Top 10 Websites with Amazing Animations On Scroll To Inspire You


Everyone is curious about animations on scroll. This technique helped designers worldwide create excellent website experiences that catch eyes and provide an enjoyable browsing experience for the visitors.

We have prepared a list of the world’s top websites that have great examples of animations on scroll. So let’s get you inspired.

1. Moooi — Defy Gravity

Moooi — Defy Gravity

By Build in Amsterdam from The Netherlands


Clean Colorful E-Commerce GSAP Animation Interaction Design Responsive Design UI design

2. BryBry


By BryBry from The UK


Animation Colorful CSS3 Design Agencies GSAP Animation Illustration Portfolio Web & Interactive

3. Oh Happy Days

Oh Happy Days

By Big Horror Athens from Greece


Animation Colorful GSAP Animation Illustration UI design

4. Real Estate Threejs Demo

Real Estate Threejs Demo

By Anderson Mancini from Brazil


3D Animation GSAP Animation Real Estate Three.js Web & Interactive WebGL

5. Welcome To The Continent

Welcome To The Continent

By Media.Monks from The UK


Animation GSAP Animation HTML5 Responsive Design Vue.js WebGL

6. CIRCUS Shanghai Inc.

CIRCUS Shanghai Inc.

By CIRCUS Shanghai Inc. from Japan


Animation Business & Corporate Colorful Graphic design GSAP Animation SVG Wordpress

7. Thoughtlab


By Thoughtlab from The USA


Animation Design Agencies Graphic design Illustration Portfolio Typography UI design Web & Interactive WebGL

8. SAMINA Sound Light Sleepsystem


By Applie from Switzerland


Animation Business & Corporate E-Commerce Graphic design GSAP Animation HTML5 Technology UI design

9. Matt Rogers Design

Matt Rogers Design

By Matt Rogers from The UK


Animation Interaction Design Portfolio Typography Web & Interactive



By Studio Freight from The USA


3D Animation Colorful E-Commerce Web & Interactive

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Orpetron Web Design Awards is a platform that highlights and promotes the world’s top websites and honors the best designers, developers, studios, and agencies who boost the web design world.

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Orpetron Web Design Awards Team

Orpetron Web Design Awards Team

Orpetron-WDA is a web design awards platform that honors the best designers, developers, studios, and agencies who innovate and inspire the web design world

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