Impact Investing: The Difference Between Orthogonal and Venture Capital

Businesses have the potential to elevate humanity and change the world. But before that potential can be unlocked, it must be recognized; this is a core conviction of conscious capitalism, a philosophy with a central premise rooted in economic, environmental, and social impact. At Orthogonal, we’ve used the ideological building blocks of social capitalism to construct our foundation, and our investments to enable businesses to achieve their true purpose: changing the world.

Who We Are

Orthogonal isn’t a fund; we are an operating company, the Berkshire Hathaway of socially conscious capitalism. We believe in the importance of business fundamentals as well as operational, technical, and financial expertise. What makes us different is our mission; we intend to create a healthier world, accelerate disruption where it is needed, and make a profit through positive impact.

Investment Philosophy

For us, investing is much more than providing capital, it’s a form of conviction. Each investment we make is rooted in insight, understanding, and experience. More importantly, each investment is motivated by the belief that what we do and what we accomplish can make a lasting difference. Our investments hold the potential of great financial return in the same way that they hold potential to do good for the planet and its people. Whether leveraging next-generation technologies or ancient practices reimagined for current day applications, every investment must measure up.

Our Vision

What we envision is a world where impact-driven leaders are developing impact-driven companies supported by impact driven investors. A world where socially conscious organizations are given a platform to elevate not only themselves but humanity as a whole. We at Orthogonal are working every day to create this vision.

Our Name

Orthogonal is the scientific principle of right angles. For us, it embodies the idea of progression created through new and unexpected means. What begins at one point, naturally connects to another. This connection is based on the universal and exponential power of tangential energy. We achieve success by riding tangents of possibility through an environment of diverse, seasoned, and unique individuals. In short, our impacts don’t come from siloed efforts, but instead, through the connections we make with other impact-driven companies. Each point is an opportunity, and each investment is the connecting line.

Our Team

Our team of like-minded individuals is focused on using our collective consciousness to drive the foundational beliefs of Orthogonal forward. Amongst us are serial entrepreneurs, tech founders, investors, developers, and lawyers. Each member is diverse, bringing a unique dynamic and specific skill-set to the team. Although our backgrounds differ, our shared-beliefs enable cohesion.

At Orthogonal we are creating something extraordinary. We are taking traditional concepts found in business investment and reimagining them through the lens of conscious capitalism and impact investment. Join us as we create a healthier world, accelerate disruption, and make a profit through positive impact.

Interested in impact investing and socially conscious capitalism?

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