7. Winter and Storage — Orwell’s Restoration

Week 8+ and winter storage: Winter has arrived, the world’s largest skating rink froze over next door and it’s time to put the motorcycle away. This article spans the period of time between week 7 and now.

First Ride of 300km or so

The ride has been great but it always needs more tuning. First off, the bike accelerated slow between 3,000–4,000 rpm, my guess was the acceleration pump. In addition, fuel is still dripping from the carburetor drain; the level must be wrong but I’m sure I’ll be working on it soon.
Along with the carb, the front brake will be taken apart as well; it was not stopping the bike efficiently even after the pads and rotors were cleaned.

On the other hand, the fork seal hasn’t leaked and held up nicely to the bumps! I will probably be taking it apart because of how dirty it was.

Other regular maintenance tasks were done: The chain was oiled regularly. The oil and filter was changed in addition to the rounded bolt within the first 50km.


For storage, I rode the bike with fuel stabilizer in the tank to MrRobot’s place and changed the oil when it was still hot (without replacing the filter). Note to self: it only takes about 2L of oil with the filter in place. While the oil was draining, I also lubricated the chain (also still hot), drained the fuel from the tank and carbs.
The bike was then rolled into the garage on cardboard. Be sure not to start it once you’ve changed the oil, you should always store your bike with fresh unused oil. The tires should be pumped up to keep their shape. I removed the seat and battery and brought them inside; the seat will be re-upholstered and the battery will be plugged in periodically to charge. Lastly, I plugged the exhaust and intake to avoid critters going in.
There were extra tasks I didn’t do such as cleaning and lubricating the chassis since I will be working on the bike during the winter, I forgo those steps.

This has been such a great learning experience, thank you so much to all that helped me through this journey. I will be busy writing my master’s thesis for the next month or two but I should be back turning wrenches as soon as I submit my thesis!

Total spending so far:

  • Oil filter bolt: $22.05
  • Oil: $33.89
  • Chain lube (a few drops, from the same old bottle of gear old): $0

Previous spending: $789.98

Total: $845.92