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The inspiration behind Osedea’s blog banner

Gaetan Nkamegue
May 21 · 2 min read

H ave you ever found yourself perusing our blog, and wondered what our banner image, jauntily positioned at the top of our home page, is all about?

Our resident Post-It toters were initially mandated with designing a simple banner that would capture the blog’s ethos while offering a window into how we approach work at Osedea. Not known for backing down from a challenge, and driven by Osedea’s core value of #GoBigOrGoHome (which would also serve as a guiding force in our efforts), we quickly got to work. As a starting point, we had a blank canvas and the following slogan: ‘’How to survive and thrive on a tech battlefield’’.

Fleshing out a mind map using the slogan as a foundation yielded many ideas, sure, but alas — none of them was good enough to adorn a piece of paper, let alone the header area of a tech company’s blog 😅. So, we turned to the internet for inspiration, sifting through heaps of war posters, and subjecting ourselves to repeated efforts at emotional manipulation to elicit some form of dormant patriotism in the process. While the posters evoked the essence of conflicts of yesteryear, maybe, (just maybe!) they could also provide a template for conveying our message.

In hopes of enthusing young men & women into enrolling in the army, a raised fist would often be employed, showcased as a strong catch-all symbol for various aspirations: a call to arms, resistance, solidarity, freedom from tyranny, etc…

This imagery has since been repurposed ad infinitum, bringing into focus a wide spectrum of paraphernalia, from wrenches to microphones, forks, and of course, bacon strips. It only made sense that we, too, should refashion it to our liking.

Truly powerful imagery.

Which brings us to our chosen banner (you’ll just have to ignore the above image).

The hand, seemingly freeing itself from entanglement and reaching up into the air, is a direct nod to a ‘call to arms’. We decided to highlight our preferred tool — the keyboard — which we rely on to code, design, write, express ourselves and share our knowledge with you, our loyal readers.

Shoutout to our coworker @LiaElbaz for the finely manicured hand-modeling.



Montreal based tech agency taking work-life harmony to a higher level.

Thanks to Ana Collantes

Gaetan Nkamegue

Written by

Basking in warm shades of grey ^_^



Montreal based tech agency taking work-life harmony to a higher level.

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