Oshmi is a Hindi word that means ‘personality’. Being a women-centric retail brand for Designer Sarees and Ethnic Kurtis, we at Oshmi are trying to build a brand that can capture some of those million expressions that dot the journey of a woman in her life. The joys of being a sister, a daughter, a wife, a mother, a career woman are stories that need to be celebrated. Are you someone trying to run an independent business? Are you someone, hoping to launch into a different career stream completely out of your comfort zone? You might even be a home maker, willing to break certain stereotypes. These are stories that need to be celebrated and talked about. For the world to be more awesome than it is, we need to support every woman with her dreams and aspirations.

With this blog, we will be sharing such stories of women who try to break the shackles of the obvious and accomplish goals that are normally considered out of reach for them.

You can write to oshmi.in@gmail.com and tell us why you would like your story to be featured here. We will shortlist and highlight the most positive and the most inspirational stories here in our blog.

For a collection of apparel and accessories that attempts to break certain stereotypes of its own and celebrates womanhood like nothing else — visit Oshmi