Osmosis v9.0.0 — Nitrogen Upgrade

Token Factory

Osmosis v9 will bring the long-awaited token factory module to the mainnet chain. This module will allow projects building on Osmosis using Cosmwasm to mint their own tokens as native Cosmos SDK tokens instead of as CW-20 assets.

Governance Upgrades

Governance changes have been a key topic of discussion in the Osmosis community since genesis. There’s much left to be done in this area, but the v9 upgrade ships two important changes to the Osmosis governance module that should improve on-chain governance and increase protocol decentralization.

Image Credit: https://hathornodes.com/resources/staking_dashboard

IBC v3 and Interchain Accounts

Though the effects of this feature will not be felt for quite some time, it is arguably the most important part of this upgrade. With the v9 upgrade, the Osmosis blockchain will integrate v3 of the IBC protocol, which includes the interchain accounts hosting module. Interchain accounts are the latest revolution in IBC technology. At a high-level, interchain accounts allow you to initiate a transaction on Blockchain A, and have that transaction execute a command on blockchain B using IBC. Below is a graphic that explains how this works in detail:

Image Credit: Josh Lee — https://medium.com/@astrodoge

A Quick Note on Stableswaps

The development team has been working on a new, more efficient AMM curve for stableswaps. This was originally meant to go live in this upgrade, however, due to the need to act quickly to provide the token factory module and other tooling for Cosmwasm developers, the stableswap curve has been postponed to v10. We expect that this upgrade will ship fairly quickly, and will bring with it a host of new stableswap pools to facilitate efficient stableswaps and lucrative stable liquidity mining.



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