What is Regen Network Building?

Will Szal
Osmosis Community Updates
3 min readDec 21, 2022


Regen Network has released a tokenomics Request for Proposals (RFP), and is looking for submissions from the broader community, including the Osmosis community.

What is Regen Network? We’re publicly-owned infrastructure for interchain ecological asset origination, trade, and retirement.


Regen Network and Osmosis have been working together since the launch of Osmosis. Regen Network performed the first Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool Launch on Osmosis, just weeks after Osmosis’ own launch. Regen Network allocated 1.39mm REGEN to the Osmosis Community Pool in a protocol-to-protocol transfer (approximately 1.3% of Regen Network’s token supply at the time of transfer). Osmosis has joined the Cosmos ZERO club by offsetting the carbon footprint of its validator set via a purchase of credits from Regen Network. Osmosis will also host one of the carbon markets for credits living on Regen Ledger.

What are we building?

Sometimes Regen Network is pigeon holed into the web3 climate space. It is true that we work with carbon assets and offsetting, but we’ve been around since before there was a web3 climate space, and were founded to build a platform able to host a myriad of ecological assets — not only carbon, but also keystone species, marine biodiversity, and regenerative grazing (you can find a full list at #BuildOnRegen). Our ultimate goal? Planetary regeneration. One of the ways we think we’ll get there is by building markets for ecological assets.

Why is this of any interest to the Osmosis community? According to the World Economic Forum, ecological assets are anticipated to grow from their current value of around $130 billion to over $2 trillion by 2050. They’re also not correlated to the crypto markets. This opens up opportunities for the Osmosis community to access an entirely new segment of the market with strong future growth potential.

How can you help?

In order for all the pieces to line up, Regen Network’s token economics need to integrate these aspects of ecological economics. That is where the current Request for Proposals comes in.

In the link above, you can find a handful of areas on which an RFP might focus, although we only give these as a starting point and are welcome to ideas outside of this scope.

There are three basic phases of work: research, design, and implementation. RFPs can focus on just one of these areas (likely research), or can be focused on two or three. We have REGEN tokens available in various forms to fund this work, as well as a limited cash budget. Regen Foundation and Regen Network Development, PBC are both funders and reviewers of this RFP, so proposals might be funded by the Foundation, RND, or both.

In other news, Regen Network has also been looking to incentivize REGEN liquidity on Osmosis at a protocol-level. There will likely be more to share on this soon, and such functionality could dovetail into the tokenomics RFP.

We look forward to reviewing your submissions and funding some projects here! If you have any questions or would like to bounce some ideas around before submitting a proposal, feel free to reach out to me directly on Twitter.

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