Introducing The ThinAir Engineering Blog

Many of you who know me personally know that I left the startup founder game a few months ago and took a new job at a startup called ThinAir. When deciding where I’d land, I had a lot of different choices in front of me, everything from joining a tech giant to slinging code at a tiny startup again. But instead I chose to join a growing startup as its first engineering manager.

What is ThinAir? Our mission is to secure the world’s data by treating our customer’s data as a Tier 1 asset and protecting it wherever it goes with strong encryption and exacting insight into how the data is being used. The big thing that attracted me to ThinAir was not just the scope of the market opportunity, but also the scope of the technical challenge.

Solving this enormous challenge spans desktop programming, distributed systems, machine learning, and cryptography. Not the least of which, of course, are the organizational issues that come along with building such an interdisciplinary team. So along the way we will learn a lot. We will encounter corner cases, hairy distributed systems bugs, performance optimizations, and surprising systems behavior at every turn.

In the spirit of what attracted me to ThinAir, it’s my pleasure to introduce the ThinAir engineering blog. Because when you’re blazing a new trail, it’s always nice to leave a few breadcrumbs behind.

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