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Bologna — Locals Only

Authentic Recommendations From Locals

Bologna is considered Italy’s food capital. The medieval city is home to both the oldest university in the western hemisphere and amazing food.

In order to truly discover La Grassa, one of Bologna’s nicknames, “the fat one” we teamed up with Andrea and Taste Bologna. Andrea created a list of 10 recommendations to eat like a local when visiting his home city.

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Like Andrea, we believe that the best way to discover a city is through its food and the best way to do that is to go where locals go. Below are Andrea’s authentic recommendations.

Taste Bologna has to be exactly what I’d like to find when I travel outside Italy to visit a city: enthusiastic local people, who’d like to share their passion for food and guide me outside the touristic routes to find the real excellences of the town.”

Trattoria del Meloncello

Via Saragozza 240/A

Trattoria Collegio di Spagna

Via Collegio di Spagna, 15

Osteria Broccaindosso

Via Broccaindosso, 7/A

Sfoglia Rina

For lunch

Via Castiglione, 5

Osteria Bartolini

Piazza Malpighi, 16

Banco 32

Mercato delle Erbe

Ristorante Scaccomatto

Via Broccaindosso 66

Ranzani 13

Via Ranzani, 5/12H


Via Petroni, 9c

O Fiore Mio

Piazza Malpighi, 8

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