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The COO next door : new year’s wishes to manufacturing COOs around the world

Being a C-level is lonely, being a manufacturing COO in a post-pandemic world is borderline traumatic. But the worst is yet to come. And the best is yet to come. Happy new year !

Portrait de Joseph Ducreux sous les traits d’un moqueur — Joseph Ducreux, oil on painting, 1793. Louvre Collection, Wikimedia free of rights image
  • It draws a parallel between incumbents during e-commerce early days and today’s manufacturing COOs ;
  • It provides the honest take of an organization of 80+ people going through manufacturing revolution, on the shopfloor as well as during board meetings ;
  • It has pretty pictures and funny jokes.

From one COO to another : The e-commerce case, circa 2008

Manufacturing COOs : 2020 is your 2008

On Lean

On digital

Best wishes



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I find our times fascinating. I began as an economist, then consulted a bit, co-founded an EdTech company and now a startup studio.