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Why we invested in (well, co-built) Mercateam

Vincent van Gogh — Factories at Asnières, Seen from the Quai de Clichy, 1887. Wikimedia common rights
  • It speaks extensively of the future of work, in one of the places you’d least expect to : factories ;
  • It relates the actual building and thinking process of two amazing entrepreneurs in their early days ;
  • It has pretty pictures and funny jokes.
Kevin, Adrien and Leo brainstorming directly with a client
  • Blue collar workers, as a median, must know around 50 different skills that are very machine and process-specific. Those skills are mainly transmitted from worker to worker. Those 50 different skills are complicated, need to be cared of several times per year, and re-skilling is constant due to change in the processes & machines ;
  • To organize a factory team as a manager is actually a nightmare because there are so many constraints (who can operate machine X ? who has an habilitation to work with electricity if things go wrong ?) and so few people ;
  • Today, out of the more than 30 factories we visited, nobody had any kind of software in place, but they all had various degrees of excel shenanigans to try and manage all those things, which was very rarely (if ever) shared with HR, with no interoperability, and not friendly to use.
Yep, the market is humonguous. Yes, very few eople actually give a damn. Yes, we had to do something.
No, Tesla is not a client (yet). Yes, we wish it was. Yes, do send us an email if you have the cellphone of Elon.
Ever seen that little thing ?
  • What was the impact of this world-changing event on this little, fragile yet beautiful product that was starting its life ?
  • How could we help factories amidst this madness on the particular issue we were solving, skilling, reskilling and organizing blue collars ?
(in french) : the second most-voted demand of french people towards the powers that be ? relocating factories. More than relocating pharmaceutical capabilities !



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I find our times fascinating. I began as an economist, then consulted a bit, co-founded an EdTech company and now a startup studio.