Announcing OST KIT⍺ Phase II: Developer Proofs of Concept.

100 Developer Slots Available: Earn 50,000 OST Per Project!

OST is building the complete blockchain toolkit for business.

Our signature product OST KIT builds on the OpenST protocol with middleware and SaaS blockchain management tools to provide businesses with everything they need to tokenize their apps and communities, without writing a single line of blockchain code.

Thanks for a Successful OST KIT⍺ Phase I

OST KIT⍺ Phase I, open to the public from 15 March 2018, was intended to stress test the performance of OST KIT⍺.

1627 unique branded tokens were created within 7 days, with more than 18.8 million completed token transfers. View details on OST VIEW.

We received several hundred points of community feedback, and we’d like to thank our Early Adopters for their participation.

Everyone who registered for the Early Adopter Program and who ran at least 1 transaction in Phase I will be receiving $OST rewards above and beyond what was previously announced.

Final details of the OST KIT⍺ Phase I Early Adopter rewards program can be found here.

OST KIT⍺ Phase II Starts Now!

OST KIT⍺ Phase II is a developer-focused private Alpha in which accepted developers will be given access to a sandbox environment of OST KIT where they can integrate any website or app to build a Proof of Concept [POC.]

Our goal for this phase is to get developer feedback as we expand the functionality of OST KIT and its APIs and SDKs, and to demonstrate high quality integrations with real business applications.

Phase II is by application only. Up to 100 developers will be initially accepted and every one of them who successfully demos a POC integration with OST KIT will receive an OST token grant of 50,000 OST tokens.

No blockchain development skills are required for Phase II, however applicants should be familiar with RESTful APIs at minimum.

To apply for OST KIT⍺ Phase II, please review the OST KIT⍺ Phase II program rules and fill out the application form. The program rules are also provided immediately below.

We look forward to sharing many of the POC’s created during Phase II with the community!

OST KIT⍺ Phase II Developer POC Program Rules

Please complete the application form no later than Friday 6 April 2018, 1:00pm UTC in order to apply. There are 100 developer POC openings available. Each accepted developer who successfully completes the task will receive 50,000 OST.

Program details (updated as of 12 April):
1) If accepted, you will be provided access to a developer sandbox version of OST KIT⍺ for you to create a proof of concept [POC] demo.

2) Your POC must demonstrate a successful integration between a web app/platform and OST KIT⍺, using the OST KIT APIs and SDKs. You must be familiar with RESTful APIs at minimum. Details about the OST KIT Developer Resources can be found at

3) Your POC must include actions taken in your app/platform triggering Branded Token transactions (e.g. earn, reward, buy, transfer, spend) in OST KIT, and you must simulate at least 1,000 substantive transactions.

4) Your POC must be completed by Friday 25 May, 2018 1:00pm UTC.

5) The OST Team must be able to view your POC and to present it as a public case study (if OST so chooses). You can present your app demo as a video or webcast, however all in-app transactions must be proven and all blockchain transactions must be viewable on the block explorer provided by OST.

6) Developers providing successful POC submissions will receive 50,000 OST. These will be distributed 1/12th per month over a 12 month period starting May 2018. Larger OST token grants could be made available to assist with ongoing development of projects, at the sole discretion of the OST Team, on a case-by-case basis.

7) Please understand that OST KIT⍺ will continue to be under active development.