Crypto community: Start your engines! Simple Token announces 704games and Tesloop have joined for the ride

It’s quite the automotive Friday for Simple Token. We’re excited to announce today that 704Games, the video game publisher with NASCAR’s exclusive license to simulation-style console video games, and Tesloop, the world’s first sustainable mobility company providing city-to-city rides in Teslas, are joining Simple Token as partner companies to collaborate on new tokenization concepts.

Simple Token

Simple Token “OST” is a utility token, launched by the OpenST foundation, that enables any company to create, launch, and manage their own branded digital token economy, powered by Simple Token protocols and software. It allows companies and communities to create crypto tokens and build it into their ecosystems without many of the technical, legal, and regulatory risks and costs involved with going it alone.

We’re bringing crypto to mainstream and enabling apps and platforms to build communities that use their own token. The OpenST protocol is live and available today for use, and will transition to Ethereum mainnet on Tuesday 19 December coinciding with the launch of OpenST 0.9.1. Going forward, we are developing further enhancements into the OpenST protocol as well as investing in an ecosystem of developers and apps to build on OpenST to help any company to simply launch and manage their own branded token economy.

704Games joins Simple Token

704Games was founded in January 2015 and has assembled a veteran team that has worked on various NASCAR games over the past 20 years. Since its foundation, 704Games has published over 5 games available on smartphones (Android and iOS), consoles (Playstation 4 and Xbox One), and PC. In September 2017, 704Games released NASCAR Heat 2 bringing the most authentic and intense stock car and truck racing of all time to the market. More than 1 million online races have already been run in NASCAR Heat.

704Games aspires to create an ecosystem of engaging value and vibrant token economy for their community of racing game enthusiasts. Together Simple Token and 704Games will be exploring token use for micropayments for various in-app purchases, bounties, and winner purses amongst other 2nd and 3rd order token uses where gamers can earn points that are linked to a real market value.

We believe blockchain and tokenization will become a big part of the future of gaming and are excited to work with Simple Token to explore how this can be realized. We look forward to building more engaging user experiences and communities around our gaming titles with real world prizes and promotions.
— Paul Brooks, CEO,

Tesloop joins Simple Token

Tesloop, the world’s first sustainable mobility company, is joining Simple Token as a partner company to collaborate together on new tokenization concepts. Tesloop offers mobility services in electric, semi-autonomous, connected vehicles, currently operating an expanding fleet of Tesla vehicles, in California. Over the last two years has become the world’s highest rated transportation company.

Tesloop was founded in June of 2015 and is the most rapidly growing mobility service in California. The company rapidly expanding its offerings and will in 2018 enable a single service to replace all consumer vehicle interactions including car ownership, ride hailing, black car and car rental services.

We believe blockchain-style decentralization and tokenization are important foundations for building the type transportation network that well all want and deserve. A new generation automobiles are emerging with fully digital architectures. Today this is exemplified by Tesla vehicles, which due to their ability to transmit digital telemetry in real-time, are well-suited tokenization including, smart contract scenarios. Simple Token’s model enables us to focus on our core business, on top of an industrial grade tokenization platform, and is as such ideal for companies like ours, that want to leverage the benefits of the blockchain as its capabilities evolve. The blockchain also has other transformative potential in the space. It can for example be utilized to create immutable records of vehicle usage in ways that have never been done before. We look forward to working with Simple Token to create new business models and consumer experiences around consumer mobility.
— Haydn Sonnad, Founder,


704Games and Tesloop are the 8th and 9th companies to partner officially with Simple Token to actively explore tokenization. Previously announced partner Companies are Floship, VidiVr, Gushcloud, XAIN, InterviewBit, Digital Knights, and Pepo.