Granular insights from the Simple Token ICO

Thank you again to the Simple Token community for your overwhelming support for our mission to power cryptocurrencies for digital communities.

6871 unique purchasers from 130 countries purchased 261,070,175.3 Simple Tokens (including all bonuses) for a total 46,828 ETH. Because of you, we achieved 189% of the Target for the sale.

This post presents some further granular insights into the purchase data from the token sale.

Transactions by Day

Transactions by day accelerated during the final week of the sale, with the final day being the largest day by far.

Transactions by Hour

This next chart shows the explosive transaction growth during the final hours.

Purchasers by Country

Buyers from the U.S. amounted to 23% of the total purchasers (despite our excluding New York residents), with Australia coming in 2nd at 10% and the U.K. at 8.6%. Vietnam and India made very strong showings relative to their performance in other token sales.

Purchasers by City

While the U.S. was the largest purchasing country, no single U.S. city made the top 7 of all cities worldwide. London led all cities with nearly double the next city, Singapore. Ho Chi Minh came in a surprising #3 fueled by a glowing review from a Vietnamese blockchain project website. Sydney and Melbourne also out-punched their relative global weight to help Australia achieve the #2 country by purchasers worldwide.

Purchasers by Age

70% of buyers fell between the ages of 25 and 40 years old.