Introducing OST KYC — The Complete KYC & Whitelisting Solution for ICOs, powered by $OST

Anyone who has participated in or run an ICO knows how very important the KYC / AML & Whitelisting technology and process is to the overall success of the ICO.

A smooth KYC / AML Whitelist means ICO participants are able to easily and securely register, get approved, and get listed on a blockchain to purchase during the ICO.

Any hiccup in the KYC /AML Whitelist can be disastrous, causing delays, frustration, lost sales, increased costs to the company, inability to process applicants and changes, and in worst cases failed ICOs and even breaches of consumer data privacy.

Today we’re launching OST KYC: the first crypto-powered plug-and-play KYC/AML management solution for ICOs.

Why we built OST KYC

We developed OST KYC for our own use during the Simple Token “OST” ICO.

Leading up to the OST ICO we researched existing KYC / AML & Whitelisting solutions in the market and found that most ICO projects (and their customers) were less than happy with the user experience of 3rd party solutions, while those solutions often cost between $400,000 to $800,000 to process 20,000+ records. Our team has a long history of developing and scaling products that simplify complex business problems. After careful analysis we determined that we would be better off building our own homegrown KYC solution, in partnership with Cynopsis Solutions, rather than going with a 3rd party.

During the OST ICO we achieved 189% of our target while earning accolades from the crypto community for the smoothness of the KYC / AML & Whitelisting process. During the OST ICO we processed thousands of applicants on the fly — including two thousand in the final 24 hours of the token sale — thanks to our robust and flexible ostKYC technology, tools, and admin dashboards, and integrated blockchain whitelisting.

Following our ICO we were approached by several crypto industry advisors and experts with requests for us to white-label our KYC tools for their clients’ use. As we were already planning to integrate OST KYC into OST KIT, our complete blockchain toolkit for businesses, offering OST KYC as a standalone product for ICO’s was a no-brainer.

Today we are pleased to make OST KYC available for any company to use.

Simple Pricing for OST KYC in $OST

Pricing for OST KYC is in $OST only.

We offer two plans, Lite and Plus, depending on your KYC processing needs and volume.

  • Lite: 6 $OST per API call, minimum 10,000 API calls. (Each applicant typically = 1 API call, however there can be multiple API calls required if the applicant is asked to revise her submission.)
  • Plus: 10 $OST per API call, minimum 25,000 API calls.

OST KYC is a complete solution for ICO KYC / AML / & blockchain whitelisting, including admin dashboards, whitelisting, change requests, and API’s. On pricing, we have analyzed the market carefully and comparable solutions cost at minimum 5x and up to to 12x the price of OST KYC. We are confident that the OST KYC solution is an extraordinary value, and that has been validated by customers in the market.

OST KYC Solution Overview

Here are some of the key features of OST KYC. We invite you to learn more on our website, including more videos, APIs, technical specs, documentation.

The New Standard for ICO KYC Compliance

Easily run your ICO with our complete KYC/AML management solution. Ensure a smooth, safe, and secure whitelist experience. Leverage our back-end tools to manage applicants, process change requests, and comply with legal requirements.

Faster Compliance

Process applicants rapidly and securely. Benchmarked at 14,000+ applicants per day. Navigate the complex regulatory requirements for KYC, AML, and CTF.

Automated KYC/AML APIs

Integrated assessment of anti money laundering, counter terrorism financing, risk assessment, risk scoring and risk rating of customers backed by Cynopsis Artemis.

Whitelisting ETH Addresses

Whitelist the ETH adresses your customers provide during registration and allow them to safely purchase during your ICO.

End-to-End Encryption

All Simple Token APIs, admin panel and database are SSL protected and two-way encrypted. Audited by Cure+53.

More Benefits

  • Developer Sandbox: 200 free sandbox API calls for testing.
  • Encryption: 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption.
  • Admin and 2FA: 10 admin accounts included with with Two-Factor Authentication.
  • Emails: Unlimited email campaigns and transactional emails integrated and included.
  • Smart Filters: Quickly sort by KYC status, risk status and ID status.
  • Support: All ostKYC accounts come with technical support. Multiple support levels available.

Learn more on our website, including more videos, APIs, technical specs, documentation.


We are already in discussion with several customers for OST KYC with plans for the first couple to launch as soon as next week. Interested parties should contact us via the form on our website.

Future Developments

Future developments will of OST KYC may include:

  • Integration with OST KIT, our complete blockchain toolkit for business
  • Further turnkey front end KYC & whitelisting solutions
  • Blockchain-based identity management solutions for consumers

About that ost logo

p.s. Keen $OST observers probably noticed that with this launch we have begun introducing our new ost branding. More on that to follow…